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Emma Lewis' Ocarro Jewel Review

Emma, from our Parent Approved Panel, gives our new Ocarro Jewel pushchair a whirl...

By Emma Lewis

Our new Parent Approved Panel is up and running and our first batch or reviews are in. Here, we hand over the wheels of our new Ocarro Jewel Collection to new second-time mum, Emma Lewis. Here's how she got on.

Hi guys! Emma here from the Parent Approved Panel, bringing you a review on Mamas & Papas’ brand new pushchair, the Ocarro Jewel. Coming in four gorgeous colours, this baby does it all. We took it for a road test at our local park and spoiler alert... it ticked all the boxes!

Firstly, the pushchair is absolutely stunning. We opted for the Emerald version, a beautiful green that really pops against the rich black chassis. What really sets it apart though are the little details; gold accents, jewels and a leatherette handle and bumper bar give this pram a nod to a little bit of luxury. It stands out a mile compared to anything else on the market and has drawn many an eye from other parents while we’ve been out and about.

The seat unit itself is suitable from birth and thanks to some seriously comfy padding, Zac happily snoozed away in there. At five weeks old, he’s already pretty nosy and loves to look around. The multi recline seat helps him to sit up and stay secure, without falling to the side and the padding supports his head so he can have a good look at the world. There’s a huge hood that has multiple positions and is one of the largest I’ve seen. Even in the lie flat position, the hood comes down low to ensure your little one can sleep peacefully. There’s a little window flap on top and the bottom of the hood has a mesh opening, to give some ventilation in warmer weather. The only down side is that I’m completely jealous he has such a comfy spot; I’d love to get in there myself!

The carrycot attachment is also fantastic, boasting a lovely mattress in the softest fabric (which all zips away for easy washing). The hood has three positions and makes a cosy spot for a nap, while the cover buttons at the sides and then attaches magnetically, keeping it nice and quiet with easy access to your little bundle.

My favourite thing about it though is how easy it moves. The large wheels make pavements, potholes and parks in particular a total breeze. It glides so smoothly, which means Zac can stay asleep even on the bumpiest of walks. It weaves in and out of shops and the huge basket has plenty of room for a new romper or two; I have a feeling my maternity pay is going to take a bit of a hit!

The Ocarro folds down with just one hand; excellent for quick transitions into the car and you can even attach most car seats to it with the help of adapters. For such a feature-strong pushchair, it’s surprisingly compact and stays that way until you’re ready, with a handy clip on the side to keep it folded down.

Our trip to the park tested out all the features and needless to say, it passed with flying colours. It was quite breezy and the carrycot kept Zac nice and cosy while he slept. We changed him over to the standard seat when he woke up so he could have a look around and when he nodded off again (did I mention how comfy it is?!) we were able to lay him flat with one quick move. Walking through the forest on the way back to the car was bumpy at times, but he snoozed like a champ all the way back and obviously, woke up for a feed as soon as the doors were unlocked! As we know, babies don’t wait for anything when they’re hungry, so the speedy one handed fold meant I could get him out and the pushchair away nice and quickly.

I’d highly recommend the Ocarro to anyone. It’s perfect for any activity and a fantastic place to hold your precious cargo. With so many brilliant features and a stunning finish, this has it all, just showing you don’t need to sacrifice anything for a gorgeous looking pram.

You can check out our video to see the Ocarro in action.

It seems like Emma, and little Zac, really took to our Ocarro Jewel! That's great to hear, and the extra luxury flourishes aren't too shabby either. If this sounds like the sort of pushchair you're looking for then why not take a closer look at our Ocarro Jewel.

Emma Lewis

A member of our Parent Approved Panel, Emma is a mum to 3 year old Daisy, and brand new baby Zac!

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