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Danielle Lisle’s Lawson Furniture Review

Could we help Danielle recreate and update Alice’s new nursery?

By Danielle Lisle

Moving house is supposed to be one of the most stressful things, but when you have a little one with you, it’s important to make sure you can recreate a save, inviting environment for them in their own room. Danielle used additional pieces from our Lawson furniture range to update Alice’s nursery in the process. Here’s how she got on…

One of the most exciting parts of being pregnant for me was designing the nursery. I would spend hours and hours on Pinterest and Instagram looking at the perfect rooms parents had designed for their little ones and wondering what I would do to make a little haven for our baby.

When we chose our furniture (what seems like an eternity ago) we were looking for something stylish but obviously practical for a baby. Not knowing exactly what we needed and after endless internet searches we headed to Mamas & Papas for advice. We looked around all of the different furniture sets and the Lawson range really stood out to us. It was modern and Scandinavian in design, which we knew would fit perfectly with our style. I’m a little obsessed with white; I love light colours as I think they blend really easily with other pieces such as bedding, blankets and cushions. Luckily we had a room which would accommodate all three pieces of the range so we ordered the cotbed, dresser and wardrobe. One of the standout points was that the cot would eventually grow with our baby and convert into a toddler bed meaning excellent value for money and years of style.

I wanted to design the nursery so that it was suitable for either a boy or a girl as at the point of ordering furniture we hadn’t found out what we were having and being the impatient person I am I wanted to get started. We decided to go for a mountain theme and once we found out we were having a girl we added peach in as a colour to make it a little more girly. After everywhere was painted we had the furniture delivered and the hubby set about building.

The dresser had an additional piece to make it into a changing table which was really handy and at a nice height to change Alice, and now we’ve removed it so it’s got lots of space to display Alice’s things. The wardrobe has two adjustable shelves and two hanging rails which made it perfect for organising little outfits (especially after the lovely gifts from our baby shower) and I used to love spending hours sorting all the outfits into sizes and colours before Alice’s arrival.

Moving house recently has forced us to completely redo Alice’s nursery. But it’s come at a good time as she reaches one year old. I wanted to create a space that would last her for years to come. Grown up but still a lovely girly paradise. Unfortunately the room we now have for Alice has a large built in cupboard so we’ve packed the wardrobe away in case we move again or have another baby! We’ve now added in lovely shelving unit and stool from the same range.

We managed to transport the cotbed and dresser already built to save us building again but we’ve recently built the shelves and stool. Firstly I would say they are SO easy to build and the instructions are simple and easy to follow. Secondly the furniture is packaged really well making sure there is no damage in transit and it’s split into easier to manage boxes (which is useful when you’ve got three flights of stairs to climb). Lastly there is a little security fixing to make sure they don’t tip or tilt which is great as it means Alice can play near the shelves without that worry.

I decided to use dusky pink this time as my main colour for the nursery and then I’ve accessorised with rose gold and grey. I also wanted to use some natural colourings with plants and striped wood to really make the white and woodgrain finish of the furniture stand out.

The other items Mamas & Papas sent us complimented this colour scheme so perfectly. The essentials range is just so lovely and makes the perfect addition to any nursery or even as a newborn gift for new parents! The other items included:

Blankets with a gorgeous pom pom design and a geometric pattern. Perfect to layer up on a night time or in the pram day to day as a little extra warmth and comfort.

Smile photo blocks – these look great on the shelves and I can’t wait to put some little pictures in.

Pink towel bail – these are excellent as they come in three different sizes and now that Alice likes to help with her bedtime routine she can use the smallest one to wash and dry her face.

The cot sheets, duvet, bumper and sleeping bags all come in a lovely chevron and hedgehog design and are comfortable, soft and snuggly. Great for the change in weather to help us get cosy for bedtime.

ABC print – Alice can say some words and this can be used as a lovely visual to help her with the alphabet as she gets older. Looks really lovely too!!

It feels so good to have a completed room in the house (shame I have to do the other bedrooms now) and a little place for Alice to call her own. It’s so nice to sit in there and watch her potter around and she absolutely loves the new shelves picking things off them and putting new things on. Who knew furniture could double up as a little activity?

It sounds like Danielle avoided all the stress of moving home, by recreating and updating Alice’s room in the new house. We’re thrilled her original Lawson furniture is still going strong and providing Alice with all the support she needs, while the newer shelves and stool could complete the entire room. A success!

If you’re looking for cool Scandinavian style, then our Lawson collection may be the one for you, however, we also have a range of additional furniture collections for nurseries of all different shapes sizes and styles. We’re sure to have one for you!


Danielle Lisle

Based in Northumberland, Danielle and her partner are the proud parents of Alice. We're thrilled to have Danielle as part of our Parent Approved Panel as she enjoys sharing honest parenting advice through her blog, including her experience with post-natal depression.

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