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Danielle Lisle’s Armadillo XT Review

Danielle and baby Alice had a blast pushchair our Armadillo XT round Newcastle's busy city streets.

By Danielle Lisle

Finding the right pushchair for you and your little one, can be a struggle. Where you live and the lifestyle you need can affect the pushchair you choose. As Danielle lives close to Newcastle city centre, we thought she'd need a pushchair that could handle the hustle and bustle, as well as some of the smaller cobbled streets. But how did she get on?

An early start to the weekend as always and, since we’ve just moved house, we decided to have a day out to get away from all of the chaos! Luckily for me we had the Armadillo XT to try out and the sun was shining so a great start all round. First impressions are just how stylish and compact the Armadillo XT is! Khaki fabric, tan leather handle and bumper bar, folds neatly – what’s not to love?

Folding and getting the Armadillo XT into the car is a breeze as you can do it with one hand; yes you heard that right ONE HAND! It folds into a neat, compact bundle and easily fits in my small boot (something I didn’t consider pre-baby). With one swift motion its back up again and ready to use, the safety harness is easy to clip together to make sure Alice is safe and snug for her journey.

Being nearly one, Alice loves to sit upright, see the world and wave at passers-by; she also loves the odd chuckle at anything fluffy she can spot and has a radar for dogs! We hit our first couple of shops and the pram is so easy to navigate around the narrow aisles and in and out of the busy lifts of Newcastle City Centre. It has four wheels, with two slightly larger ones at the back, making it a smooth ride and it can handle any bumpy surfaces with ease.

Time for a well-earned rest and some lunch! Again in a busy restaurant the Armadillo XT parks up nicely out of the way and the easy fastening means a quick transition into a high chair for Alice. And after stuffing our faces (Alice the most!) she’s back safe in the pram and ready for her afternoon nap. The back reclines to a lie flat position easily with one hand and the padding on the inside is so comfy – if I could fit in there with her I’d have had a snooze too!

The large hood allows me to shield Alice from the sun and create a darker space to help her go to sleep, and hopefully stay asleep to get some rest. The handy peek-a-boo window at the back gives me the option to quickly check on Alice and since it has a magnetic fastening it’s quiet and easy to do with one hand on the move. I can also use the drinks holder to keep her juice close by (pretty handy for Mummy’s coffee too)!

Another couple of shops, and I can tell the husband is getting bored so he takes over and walks her whilst she sleeps, he can adjust the handle to cater more for his height by sliding it up. The large basket allows you to store all of those new purchases without trying to balance bags either side of the pram too. It has an elastic mesh up the side to help stop things falling out as you turn corners or fill up the basket, which is really handy as I do like to shop.

We take a little walk up some cobbled streets back to the car, and we find out just how well the XT handles uneven surfaces without compromising on comfort! Back to the car and we’ve had a lovely little family day out, made so much easier with the Armadillo XT .

Danielle's Armadillo XT Pros

Here's what Danielle loved about the Armadillo XT:

One handed fold and extremely compact when folded making it easy to get in and out of the car or store in the house.

Large shopping basket with mesh up the sides to stop items spilling out.

Very stylish and comfortable for Alice. It’s a pram that will grow with her but won’t go out of style.

Silent fastening on the peek-a-boo window making it easy to check on her on the go without disturbing her.

Large wheels, adjustable handle and comfy linings make this pram not only great for all surfaces but a comfortable ride for both parent and baby!

Danielle's Armadillo XT Cons:

Were there any areas Danielle thought we could improve?

The handle for carrying when compact would be better placed on the side (like a suitcase) to make it easier to carry and lift.

I found the drinks holder a little flimsy and could do with clicking into place to make it a little more secure.

That's a glowing review of the Armadillo XT and it definitely seems to ready to handle the needs of living in such a busy, varied city like Newcastle. Danielle even brought up some points she thinks we could improve, which is great. We value feedback from parents who use are products, because it's what helps us to keep improving everything we do.

If you think the Armadillo XT is the one for you, then find out more.


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Danielle Lisle

Based in Northumberland, Danielle and her partner are the proud parents of Alice. We're thrilled to have Danielle as part of our Parent Approved Panel as she enjoys sharing honest parenting advice through her blog, including her experience with post-natal depression.

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