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Danielle Lisle’s Always Love You Gifts Review

Treating a new parent to our latest range of toys and gifts

By Danielle Lisle


One of the real joys of parenting is passing on knowledge and experience when people you love are expecting. Even better, is being able to hone in on all those essentials they’ll need before they even realise it. But even still, every new parent needs gorgeous gifts to celebrate this special moment. And that’s where our Always Love You Gift Range comes in. Full of playful characters and gorgeously soft fabrics, it has everything you could need to gift the perfect gift. And that’s just what our Parent Approved Panellist, Danielle, did for her friend…

When my friend told me she was pregnant, I cried. Now I know what you’re thinking ‘that’s a totally normal response’ but what I didn’t tell you was I was standing in the biscuit aisle in Tesco on my own. So I looked like I was crying because they’d ran out of my favourite biscuit! Since that day it’s been really exciting talking about all the amazing parts of motherhood and it’s allowed me to share my experience as a first time mum with one of my closest friends.


Right from finding out, I started to collect all the useful things I thought she would need for her new baby and got so excited when she’d show me pictures of the things she had bought. For her baby shower I presented her with a huge hamper of all these things, so when her little boy was due I knew I wanted to get something more sentimental and special to mark the occasion.

I chose the My First Memories Suitcase which is part of the Mamas & Papas Always Love You range which included a record book, imprint tin, beanie teddy, comforter and record cards. The suitcase itself has space to include baby’s name, date and time of birth too and doubled up as a keepsake box to hold all those precious memories in.


The set itself is beautifully presented with each individual part wrapped carefully in tissue paper, making each item a surprise. The neutral colouring would make it suitable for either boy or girl and would also make an excellent baby shower present! The box is covered in cute little characters and matches other items in the range.

I really wish I’d taken imprints of Alice when she was little as she’s grown so much and it’s hard to remember just how tiny those tiny fingers and toes were; so I think this is a perfect addition for new parents as it’s hard to think of all the little things you can do to collect those precious firsts. The comforter is a gorgeous plush elephant which I knew my friend would love as she really loves elephants and it was super soft for baby.

We also chose Owlbie – the Lights and Sounds Sensory Toy. This beautiful owl is again part of Mamas & Papas Always Love You range and features melodies, sounds and a gentle light to help create a calming and relaxing environment. The fabric is super soft making it ideal for snuggling up to and the light up tummy gently glowed. I can imagine as baby Leo grows he’s going to love cuddling up to Owlbie. I think getting into a routine early on can be really helpful for helping baby enjoy a good sleep pattern (even if it doesn’t always go to plan) so this made the perfect gift for a newborn baby.

One of the best things about giving gifts is seeing the other person’s reaction and seeing my friends light up and unwrap each individual part was so lovely. They were thrilled to receive such a beautiful gift and I was proud as punch to give it. It really felt like there was a lot of love in the room. Seeing the way Alice looked at baby Leo has really made me think about having another baby too…

We’re so thrilled we could help Danielle share and celebrate this special moment with her friend! And we’re sure that Owlbie and all the Always Love You characters will make firm friends with Leo, seeing him through those big first moments in his life.

With a full range of gifts, toys and keepsakes, our Always Love You collection is perfect is you’re looking for that extra special gift for a baby shower or the arrival of a little one.


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Danielle Lisle

Based in Northumberland, Danielle and her partner are the proud parents of Alice. We're thrilled to have Danielle as part of our Parent Approved Panel as she enjoys sharing honest parenting advice through her blog, including her experience with post-natal depression.

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