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Ayesha Hakim Rahman’s Rucksack Changing Bag Review

With plenty to carry round for little Inayah, Ayesha gave one of our rucksack changing bags a try.

By Ayesha Hakim Rahman

As every parent knows, you're never short of things to carry. From bottles and nappies, to spare clothes and all many of toys in case you need to keep baby occupied, it helps to have a changing bag. But sometimes they can be a little bulky. That's what Ayesha found, so for her holiday we packed her off with our rucksack changing bag to see if it could help.

With Inayah a little older and using her pushchair a lot less, I was keen to try out a rucksack changing bag- especially as it’s easier to wear as I run around behind her!

I decided to take the Mamas & Papas Athleisure Rucksack-Style Changing Bag for our holiday abroad and it didn’t disappoint.

Not only did it look adorable and chic with the oil painting-style floral print, but it was also convenient and extra-comfy to carry. I now wonder why I didn’t convert from a standard shoulder strap changing bag sooner!

There are a range of pockets - something any mother will appreciate - and many are deep, which means you can fit more in. I especially liked the additional zip pocket at the back where I kept the wipes - accessible (and needed!) at all times.

Also, the insulated bottle holder inside was handy for her water beaker (I actually didn’t notice the insulated bonus till later!).

As you can imagine with packing for a holiday, I went somewhat OTT and put pretty much everything into the bag - from mosquito repellant to Calpol! What really surprised me was that even though I filled it to the brim it didn’t look bulky and remained so comfortable to carry. The soft material definitely helped with this and I seriously appreciated that it was also both wipe-clean and water resistant.

The Mamas & Papas Rucksack met all my expectations and more, and is now my sole changing bag to be used for all trips, from the local library to our next holiday destination!

Ayesha was all packed and sorted for her holiday, and it seems the rucksack changing bag was up to the challenge. It might even do the trick for you, if you'd prefer another style, shape or size then we've got a range of changing bags to choose from, why not take a look?


Ayesha Hakim Rahman

Ayesha is a mum who does it all. Not content with raising two little and one big one, Irfan, Iman and Inayah, she also works full time, is studying for a new qualification, runs her own YouTube channel and and is now one of our Parent Approved Panel. Phew!

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