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Ayesha Hakim Rahman’s Oxford Furniture Review

Ayesha used our furniture to create a stunning nursery with minimal space

By Ayesha Hakim Rahman

If your house is short on space, then your options for a nursery can be limited. Fortunately, we understand that no two families or houses are the same, so a variety of nursery furniture options can make a big difference. That's what our Parent Approved Panellist, Ayesha, found, as she created the perfect bedroom for little Inayah despite a lack of available space.

Unfortunately we don’t have the space for a nursery, but when Mamas & Papas asked us to review a range from their nursery furniture collection, I just couldn’t resist the opportunity to see if I could create a nursery space within our main bedroom. Something that would be ideal for parents that either are not comfortable with having their little ones in a separate room or, parents like me that simply don’t have a spare room!

Although Mamas & Papas offer more compact nursery furniture, we ended up opting for the Oxford range, mainly because we loved the luxury look and wanted the longevity in terms of size.

I find flat pack furniture a nightmare but was surprised that both the cotbed and dresser only took a few hours to put up- the clear referencing for each part and screw came in extra-handy!

The result is one that definitely overwhelmed me. For the first time I was able to create a special little space for Inayah and all within our main bedroom. It felt so pretty and special!

I simply adored the modern look and feel of the Oxford range. More importantly, I was impressed with the quality and convenience that came with it. The drawers had compartmentalised sections and could fit so much in- I ended up adding most of my son Iman’s clothes in too!

The cotbed was such a good size and came with two height options, so we were able to level it perfectly with our bed. I really liked that you can take either one or both sides off- we opted for one side and kept it next to our bed. The huge storage drawer directly under the cotbed is so convenient, especially when you’re short for space.

We used the premium cotton spring mattress and Inayah had the longest afternoon nap in it ever, so I assume it’s extra-comfy! I particularly appreciated the washable cover that comes with all Mamas & Papas mattresses, and the temperature regulator and breathable features were great added bonuses. 

With Inayah being 1.5yrs old, it was lovely to see the varied decor Mamas & Papas offer, from newborn to toddler, and gender specific to gender neutral options. I opted for various items from different ranges, resulting in a classy, toned down but pretty look for Inayah, to remain with the overall theme of our bedroom. I also must highlight that all the nursery furniture and decor I had for my oldest, Irfan, was also from Mamas & Papas, and he’s now 13!

Hopefully I’ve proven that you don’t necessarily need a spare room for a nursery, but can create a special little space within the main bedroom. Overall I cannot express how happy I am with the Oxford range in terms of look, feel and convenience- will definitely be in good use for years to come.

We're so happy that Ayesha and little Inayah are happy with their new Oxford nursery furniture, and it just goes to show that, with a little ingenuity and some clever hacks, you can create the perfect nursery space no matter what your limitations are. Long may the lengthy naps continue!

No matter what your space or budget restraints are, we have a collection that is sure to be right for you. Take a look at our furniture collections to find the one that's a perfect match.


Ayesha Hakim Rahman

Ayesha is a mum who does it all. Not content with raising two little and one big one, Irfan, Iman and Inayah, she also works full time, is studying for a new qualification, runs her own YouTube channel and and is now one of our Parent Approved Panel. Phew!

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