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Ayesha Hakim Rahman’s Autumn/Winter Clothing Review

Getting to grips with some holiday styles, Ayesha and family tried out some of our latest outfits.

By Ayesha Hakim Rahman

Jetsetting for a family holiday, Ayesha wanted a range of styles for Inayah and Iman so we thought we'd help out. We sent them a range of pieces from our latest autumn/winter collection - let's see if our outfits were up to the challenge.

What better reason to get new clothes for the little ones than a holiday abroad?! What I really prioritised for Inayah and Iman (active one and three year-olds) were the following three things: comfort, trend-setting and durable

And where else can hit all three but Mamas & Papas?! It was important I didn’t simply opt for summer clothes for our holiday, as they will likely never be used again (we all know what weather is like in the UK!). So I selected a range of outfits that will work in the sun but can also be layered up over the coming months if needed- the Mamas & Papas autumn/winter ‘18 range was ideal for this.

What I loved most about the M&P outfits was that neither fashion, quality nor comfort was compromised. I particularly appreciated how breathable and light all the clothes were.

In this Image:

Dobby Pinafore Dress: shop

Adventure T-Shirt: shop

I have previously invested a lot of money in clothes for the little ones that I had to take off within 30 minutes or so because although they looked the part, the outfits just weren’t as nice to wear. However, every single Mamas & Papas outfit not only looks stylish but the kids were fine wearing them all day long. I always kept a spare change of clothes but in fact they were perfectly happy to stay as they were- even in 30 degrees of humidity!

In this Image:

Mulberry Chinos: shop

Floral Shirt & Tie Set: shop

Floral Print Blouse: shop

Ruffle Hem Tutu: shop

Suede Detail Shoe: shop

Both Inayah and Iman looked adorable in their coordinating outfits (if I do say so myself!) and received a heap of compliments- often from random passers-by, which was just lovely.

In this Image:

Cord Pinafore Dress - Pink: shop

I can’t end this review without highlighting the superior quality of M&P clothing- you can always tell it apart from other stores because of the unique style and feel. The 100% cotton and high quality materials makes such a difference to the feel, and the meticulous effort invested into detailing doesn’t go unnoticed. Also, since returning from holiday everything has been in the washing machine but has come out good as new- a huge bonus for any mum!

In this Image:

Embroidered Chinos: shop

Floral Shirt: shop

Embroidered Tier Dress: shop

I really wanted to conclude by highlighting my favourite set, but I honestly can’t choose. From the occasionwear to the gorgeous little pinafore dresses - I just kept admiring my little two rocking each and every outfit! 

Our autumn/winter outfits were a real success then, even in that heat! We're glad that Ayesha and the family found lots to love in those pieces, and we're sure you will do.

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Ayesha Hakim Rahman

Ayesha is a mum who does it all. Not content with raising two little and one big one, Irfan, Iman and Inayah, she also works full time, is studying for a new qualification, runs her own YouTube channel and and is now one of our Parent Approved Panel. Phew!

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