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Ayesha Hakim Rahman’s Armadillo City2 & Changing Bag Review

Hitting the city with our compact buggy and handy changing bag

By Ayesha Hakim Rahman

As your little one grows, your needs change, and your tastes do too, especially when it comes to getting out and about. Out go the babyish colours and in with something a little older and more sophisticated. This is where Ayesha found herself and baby Inayah – so our Armadillo City2 and Bowling Changing Bag came to the rescue.

When Mamas & Papas asked me to review their buggy and changing bag, I couldn’t help but go into a store and check out my options before choosing what would work best for my needs!


With Inayah now being 1.5yrs old, the change from what you prioritise when they are newborn is significant. Read on for my top criteria that helped me opt for the Armadillo City2 buggy and bowling style changing bag.

Armadillo City2

1. Comfort

As a child grows, it gets more and more difficult trying to find a pushchair that they can comfortably fit in. Although the Armadillo City2 is a slimline buggy, Inayah fit into it perfectly, with ample growing space! I made sure, given the recent cold weather, that she was comfortable even when wearing her jacket and honestly, she was one chilled baby! In fact, Inayah enjoyed her little ride so much that she didn’t want to get out, which was a whole new struggle!

2. Lightweight

The weight of a buggy has always been so important to me. I simply can’t work with heavy pushchairs - they feel weighty not only to carry when folded but even to push along the roads!

The Armadillo City2 is so incredibly lightweight and yet sturdy. It flowed nicely down the road, many of which needed repairing (London joys!).

3. Chic

Who doesn’t want a pushchair that looks the part?! I tend not to opt for black pushchairs but the other two colours the Armadillo City2 comes in weren’t for me. In fact, when using it I felt the black worked really well looking chic, classy and understated.

4. Compact

Given we have a small house and small car, size is everything.

I was so impressed with the size of the Armadillo City2- it folds down so small and there was ample additional space in the boot even after the stroller went in. It also fit perfectly in my small corridor.

The slimline feature meant there could easily be two riding along side by side with no issues!

5. Easy folding

This criteria is in no particular order, as easy folding could easy be top of the list for me.


The one-hand-fold on this pushchair is just wow - and that’s no an exaggeration! Given it is lightweight, I managed to fold it with one hand (and open it again) like an absolute breeze. Probably my fave feature on the Armadillo City2, well done Mamas & Papas!

Bowling style changing bag in chestnut

Alongside the buggy I also upgraded our changing bag, as again, I wanted a classier (as opposed to baby-ish) look now that Inayah is older. Here’s what helped me decide on the bowling style changing bag in chestnut:

1. Classy

We all know that with a changing bag it’s all about the look! It’s all about what catches your eye and for me, the bowling style changing bag in chestnut caught stood out straight away.

The material has such an expensive look and feel and the colour worked really well with the pushchair. It ticked all the boxes in terms of look!

2. Practical

I was so impressed with all the much-needed sections and hidden pockets on the changing bag.

From some emergency pockets on the front and sides of the bag, to a deep sip pocket inside, plus inserts for snacks, and the beautiful matching changing mat that comes with the bag – now I can organise everything perfectly so it’s all within easy reach.

I particularly liked the separate zip bag that, for me, was perfect to put wipes and nappies in to as I could just grab-and-go with these whenever I needed.

3. Insulated bottle holder

What I particularly liked about the insulated bottle holder was that it was separate to the changing bag, so I could just put it into my own bag if I was doing a short trip or using the car. It’s the perfect size for both small and large bottles.

I was honestly so pleased with both my products - thank you Mamas & Papas!

Job well done to our Armadillo City2 and Bowling Changing Bag. It looks like Ayesha got everything she needed out of her new buggy and changing bag. And so did little Anayah! Two happy customers.

When you find your little one growing up, we have a range of light, compact second stage buggies, as well as handy travel accessories and toddler car seats to make all your journeys easier.

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Ayesha Hakim Rahman

Ayesha is a mum who does it all. Not content with raising two little and one big one, Irfan, Iman and Inayah, she also works full time, is studying for a new qualification, runs her own YouTube channel and and is now one of our Parent Approved Panel. Phew!

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