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Ayesha Hakim-Rahman’s Always Love You Toys Review

How well does our newest range of toys and gifts go down?

By Ayesha Hakim-Rahman


Every child loves toys. It’s just a given. But, as anyone who’s ever bought a toy for a little one can attest, you can’t help but worry they’re not going to love it. Thankfully, our new range of Always Love You toys and gifts are proving very popular, especially with, Parent Approved Panellist, Ayesha and little Inayah.

For me, a soft toy needs to be really special for me to buy it. There’s just so much choice out there, it has to come with something extra that can touch the heart.


So, when Mamas & Papas released their Always Love You range of soft toys, it caught my eye straight away!

What I adored is that there is a story book behind the characters, telling the tale of friends finding each other. Being able to bring each character to life through the soft toys added a real emotional connection for little Inayah, who’s almost two years old. She was able to easily identify the characters in the book and really connected with the story. I appreciated the book’s understated look with beautiful illustrations.

The story book is written in such a way, that the strong emphasis on words such as ‘love’, ‘friends’ and ‘cuddles’ meant not only was I reading the words with meaning to Inayah, but she also likes to cosy up with all her soft toys and while being read to!

The soft toys themselves are simply stunning. The outstanding quality goes without saying for Mamas & Papas products, but the seriously soft touch means they make such perfect little companions. My only regret is not buying them for her earlier, as I’d loved to have read this story to her when she was a baby and see her grow with the characters.

Inayah’s personal favourites were Tally Teddy (to cuddle) and Bella Ragdoll (to have a tea party with) while I had a little soft spot for the adorable Ellery Elephant nightlight!

The beautiful Ellery Elephant ceramic nightlight is the perfect final touch. It is so classy and fits perfectly with our grey/pink nursery theme. Having ‘I love you’ shine through makes our nighttime stories even more special.

We're delighted that Ayesha and Inayah have both fallen in love with our Always Love You range. And it certainly seems like Inayah has a friend for every occasion.

With a story book tying the whole collection together and being a great excuse for cuddles and story time, our Always Love You collection is perfect for making friends and brilliant relationships closer. And who knows, maybe there's a best friend for you and your little one...

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Ayesha Hakim Rahman

Ayesha is a mum who does it all. Not content with raising two little and one big one, Irfan, Iman and Inayah, she also works full time, is studying for a new qualification, runs her own YouTube channel and and is now one of our Parent Approved Panel. Phew!

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