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Amy Louise Hignett’s Nursery Interiors Review

Getting to grips with our Dream Upon a Cloud & Nestling collections

By Amy Hignett

Every parent reaches the stage where they have to design their nursery. For some it comes later than others, and in our Parent Approved Panellist, Amy, her dream nursery took a little longer to reach fruition. Now, though, she’s found the perfect accessories with pieces from our Dream Upon a Cloud and Nestling interiors collections.

Hello everyone! Welcome to my second review for Mamas & Papas - how exciting!

Since we became homeowners this time last year you can imagine we have been doing many house improvements, unfortunately Leo's bedroom slipped through the cracks. It was half painted for a good few months with nothing really in it to make it that beautiful nursery we all dream of having. Because Leo was about 6 months when we moved in, his nursery was all done at my parents’ house before I had him, which is what you generally do - the nursery before the baby arrives (because when they're here your life turns upside down and there's no time to decorate nurseries haha).

But I decided I was putting my foot down. Leo sleeps in there from 6pm until 6-8am, his room is meant to be a place of comfort, peace and happiness - which it wasn’t at all. So slowly but surely, we got the painting finished and we added some beautiful pieces from the amazing Mamas & Papas interiors range.

The Curtains

Leo did have plain grey curtains but they weren't what I wanted, they were an 'It will do purchase'. These curtains are from the 'Dream Upon a Cloud' range (which is absolutely stunning!). I love that they are soft and not that stiff-like material. They are fairly thin but thick enough to keep in the heat in the colder months, but also good for the warmer months to keep the room cool. They are best suited with a blind/liner behind.

Moon & Cloud Cushions

The Moon Cushion and Cloud Cushion are beautiful add such innocence and softness to the room. They are beautiful and soft but they aren't just there for decor, they are lovely for your children to look at/for playtime and to snuggle (for older children of course). I generally keep them on Leo's chair at bed time rather than in his cot.

The Rug

Every nursery needs a rug – it’s a fact. It ties your whole room together, it brings the colour scheme together and it adds warmth and comfort. I have never come across the 'perfect rug', because 1: I'm reallllllyyy fussy and 2: we never the nursery or picked a proper colour scheme. But this was my perfect chance! The mustard and pale tones add everything I imagined. I love the pattern because it's a perfect balance of not too plain and not too in your face. It's just a lovely fabric for Leo to sit and play on & it's very easy to hoover and keep clean.


The pom pom bunting has created the whole vibe I was after. I wanted the room soft grey with added pale tones such as pinks, mustards, blues, creams. These are little more vibrant but they add such a lovely touch of colour. You can place them anywhere you see fit. In my case I wanted them to be a real feature and to create some depth to the bedroom.

Cot Bed Sheets

Mamas & Papas cot bed sheets are divine. They are a beautiful thick fabric that fits round the mattress perfectly. Previous sheets I have purchased have been good - but I've struggled to get ones that fit the mattress properly and they are always relatively thinner than these.

Coverlet & Blanket

The coverlet ties in really well with my colour scheme and also the bunting with the little pom poms. I love that its light weight but still thick like a toddler duvet. It keeps him nice and cosy but its light enough for him to move off him if he gets too warm. The blanket also ties in beautifully with the colour scheme and the material is something I have never felt! it is truly lovely quality and it is suited for bedtime or during pram rides!

Wall Art

This Wall Art is another piece that really is stunning. It ties in with the pom poms and the message is just beautiful. If you’re emotional like me, it is enough to catch a lump in your throat – haha - it’s lovely. Again, it adds such innocence and beauty to the room.

Cloud Shelves

When you purchase the Cloud Shelves they come in a set of 3, in the set there are super easy instructions to follow to hang up, which is super handy! They have added so much character to the room and I love that they aren’t standard rectangle floating shelves, I love the shape and that they aren’t too big. You receive two clouds with a little ledge and one small cloud with two pegs to hang clothing off.

A great selection of nursery bedding and interiors, there, and Amy seems very happy with the finished room. We’re glad we could finally help her bring her ideas to life.

With a range of nursery interiors collections, we have styles to suit every parent. From co-ordinating collections to pieces that can be mixed and matched to create the finished look you’re after, we have everything you need to create your dream nursery.

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Amy Louise Hignett

Amy is a passionate blogger and mum to Leo. She enjoyed sharing her experiences of being a mum and trialling the latest parenting products, which is what makes her such a great addition to our Parent Approved Panel.

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