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Amy Louise Hignett’s Frog Backpack Reins Review

Little Leo gets to grips with our handy reins

By Amy Louise Hignett

As any parent knows, once your little one is on the move it’s very difficult to stop them again. So what you need is something that allows them some freedom while letting you stay in control. Our Backpack Reins are idea, letting you keep your child at a comfortable distance. So how did our panellist Amy and Leo get on?

Hello! Amy & Leo here. Welcome back to yet another Mamas & Papas review and this one is up there with my favourites!

As mums, dads and parents, we are all after easy solutions and parenting tips that make things as easy as possible for us. Because – let’s face it - once those little legs get on the move, there is NO stopping them! Now Leo has blossomed into a toddler, I am finding shorter trips and general walking trips more of an effort with his buggy/pram, he is also at a stage where he wants to explore - so this new item we have kindly been gifted has been a life saver!

The backpack reins reins are designed for your child’s safety; allowing them a little freedom while still under control thanks to the long reins, which wraps around the parents’ wrist. While it does this as the main purpose, I absolutely love the backpack feature to it! The backpack sits really comfortably on your toddler’s back whilst the arm straps are very soft and slightly padded for comfort. It has a perfect amount of space within the backpack - I managed to fit a nappy or two, a small pack of wipes, juice bottle, dummy and suncream in there! I love this as I feel now Leo is old enough for those shorter trips out, it saves carrying around a changing bag if you don't have the pram. I now find Leo doesn't need his changing bag for formula, spare bottles, millions of vests, food, snacks, (everything a baby needs) it seems more effort carrying a changing bag for just his essentials when there is no buggy to hook it onto.

We recently took a trip out to the zoo, which we did need our buggy for because those legs are still a little small to walk all that way. Despite this, the backpack reins were so easy to put on and take off when Leo was out of the pram. I felt so at ease knowing he was having a chance to explore but was completely in control and safe with the reins. Another fab feature of the reins is that they unclip, leaving just the backpack. This is perfect if you are off to the park as, rather than taking off the backpack completely, you can just detach the reins. I even love the smaller details like the little 3D feet and eyes - it even has a name tag inside for your child’s name! It's so light and compact, it is perfect to just pop under the pram when Leo's too tired to walk any further.

I do find it has really helped us whilst helping Leo understand the smaller things such as; we can't pull all the clothes off the hangers in shops; we need to stop when we are crossing the road; we can't suddenly stop when walking in front of people and we can't just run off when we feel like it. They seem like small things but are things he didn't quite understand the importance of before, compared to now.

My only tiny criticism I have for this product is I do wish they had a few more varied options of animals/patterns for the backpack part of the reins. However, this has now been developed with their recent launch of branded backpacks – there are so many exciting designs to choose from. Check them out here.

Thank you Mamas & Papas.

Love Amy & Leo x

Thanks to our handy backpack reins, Amy can enjoy adventures that take them even further without letting Leo stray too far. We're thrilled that they both love them so much, and that it's cut down on that well-stocked changing bag.

With so many different designs and options, you're sure to find some backpack reins that you and your little one will love.

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Amy Louise Hignett

Amy is a passionate blogger and mum to Leo. She enjoyed sharing her experiences of being a mum and trialling the latest parenting products, which is what makes her such a great addition to our Parent Approved Panel.

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