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Amy Lousie Hignett’s Cruise Buggy Review

Amy and Leo head off in compact buggy

By Amy Louise Hignett

Having had some bad experiences with umbrella buggies in the past, how did Parent Approved Panellist, Amy get on with our light, compact and comfortable Cruise buggy. Was it perfect for her newly independent toddler?

Hello, welcome to another Mamas & Papas review, and I can’t wait to share what we have received! I would like to introduce the Cruise Folding Buggy, in the gorgeous Aqua colour!

I am personally a little cautious of buggies, as I have had previous experiences where they haven't lasted and the way they fold, etc. leaves a lot to be desired. I do feel with my previous experience that my other buggy didn't do too well; it didn't have great suspension, wasn’t very comfortable & had no option to lie flat. So, I was very surprised, when unboxing and assembling the Cruise, at just how durable and hard-wearing the frame felt. It really is as luxurious as a folding, compact, small & lightweight buggy can get! I personally don't see many buggies about that have everything you require without slipping into the bigger/bulkier style prams.

I love the aqua-coloured hood and how large it is for a buggy, I love the thickness and quality of the material. It has the little peek-a-boo window and not to mention the UPF 50+ fabric which keeps out those harmful harsh rays from those sunny glorious days out, whether you’re at home or on holiday!

I find this buggy so versatile as it was well suited to the uneven grounds on our doggy walks, but it also fits round those busy shops easily - which is where the basket underneath comes in handy! It isn't huge so you won't be able to fit shopping bags under there, but it’s perfect for all those extra bits for yourself & your toddler (also fits the rain cover under there perfectly).

Now that Leo has grown into a toddler & a very active little boy, this stroller is just perfect. We are now at a stage where we do not require a bigger pram to assist our daily tasks as Leo does quite a lot of walking, sometimes we’re walking too much and will need a pram but sometimes he will want to get out for a little walk, so it is light enough to push and hold Leo’s hand at the same time. The larger prams are now more of a chore and time-consuming. Just as a larger pram, this buggy does not compromise on comfort with its compact size, this lies flat with an adjustable leg rest for those sleepy toddlers! The front suspension ensures a smooth ride so they can rest peacefully.

My only wish is that there was a range of liners suited to the buggies like there is for the larger prams e.g. Armadillo XT. I feel these would add even more additional comfort to a smaller compact buggy.


I will most definitely be taking the Cruise buggy away on our holiday aboard this year! It is very travel friendly - light, small, compact but as mentioned above it doesn't lack on comfort or style! Thank you yet again Mamas & Papas for ensuring that products like these offer everything to parents.

You’re more than welcome, Amy! We’re so happy you finally found a compact buggy that’s perfect for all your needs, whether it’s dog walking, shopping or jet setting with your little one. The Cruise buggy is perfect is you’re looking to downsize after your first pushchair. And if you have twins or two children, then the Cruise Twin is ideal.

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Amy Louise Hignett

Amy is a passionate blogger and mum to Leo. She enjoyed sharing her experiences of being a mum and trialling the latest parenting products, which is what makes her such a great addition to our Parent Approved Panel.

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