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Amy Louise Hignett’s Armadillo XT Review

Amy and baby Leo give our all-terrain buggy a try

By Amy Louise Hignett

If you’re the sort of family that enjoys taking your adventures off-road with long walks and day trips, then you need a pushchair that works with you. That’s why we gave rambling Parent Approved Panelist Amy and her son Leo our Armadillo XT to try. Was it up to the challenge?

Hello everyone! Just me Amy here from Mamas & Papas Parent Approved Panel with my first review! How exciting! So lets get stuck in.

So, I've had the pleasure of testing and trying the Armadillo XT Dark Navy and the amazing Memory Foam Pushchair Liner in London Skyline. The pushchair is suitable from birth, which is great because you don't need the stress of a huge travel system because it is all there unfolded for you! The seat unit lies back completely flat for those newborn babies.

It all was fairly easy to open up and put together even for someone who isn't suited to building and putting things together (me) haha. Once it was up and built I couldn't believe the quality, the softness of the seat unit (without the liner) and how cushioned it was already. I loved how the big hood pulls over, which is perfect for a sleeping baby, the material of the hood is also amazing it is honestly so luxury! It also has a little flap on there so you can peep through at any time to see your little one. Even though I had Navy, which is almost a denim look, it would be suitable for a little girl too! Especially if you can get your hands on a Liner, you can vamp it up even more! The shopping basket underneath is so deceiving. It doesn't look huge at first but it fits so nicely and it is SO roomy! 

The first thing I did was put it in the boot of my car, which I was very nervous about because I have the Peugeot 107 and the boot is tiny. But by some miracle it fit! With extra room either side of it. So even if you struggle for boot space this baby is great! I absolutely love that it folds down in ONE and with ONE hand! My last pram had two attachments, which meant it took up all my boot space and a seat in my car! So this is honestly amazing.

We took it for a stroll at Etherow Park in Cheshire, a favourite of my family’s, but the path is very bumpy, rocky and uneven which is something my last pram struggled with a lot! So I was eager to give it a try and put those big back wheels to use! When I got to the park, I unfolded it very easily in seconds; popped Leo in and off we went! First impression was... shock! It was SO lightweight. It doesn’t just push it almost glides! Even over bumpy and uneven surfaces! It made our walk so pleasant and easy. It began to rain so we got to use the rain cover too, which I loved. It was so hassle free and easy to put over, which is good here in England, with our unpredictable weather the heavens can open in seconds! I loved that it had an extra flap to cover your changing bag, as that is something my last one didn't have and my bag always got damp or soaked.

Half way through our walk I noticed Leo getting tired and he doesn't really sleep anywhere but his cot, which can lead to walks and days out with him being a bit cranky, but I attempted to lie the seat back slightly anyway. I peeped through the flap on the hood and… he was asleep?!! So I lay it all the way back and he slept for a good hour! Which is amazing, it must have been so comfy on the Liner he nodded right off! Incredible! I wish I could have got in there too it looked so comfy and cosy, especially with the Liner!

The Armadillo XT is absolutely amazing, so luxurious and so affordable. You get the travel system feel with it being from 0 months but without compromise, it grows with your baby so you also get the stroller feel too. It is perfect for adventures and long walks; if you’re anything like our family this will be perfect. We go on lots of hilly, uneven ground, dog walks and it is so well suited. I love that it fit in my boot too! 10/10 from us here!

With the heavens opening, uneven paths and a child who doesn't like sleeping in their buggy, the Armadillo XT certainly had it's work cut out for it - yet it was definitely up to the challenge. Amy and Leo seem very happy with the newest member of the family, and it should definitely make future days out that little bit easier.

If your family are fond of the great outdoors, then the Armadillo XT could be just what you need to make those strolls and treks hassle-free. Click below to find out more...



Amy Louise Hignett

Amy is a passionate blogger and mum to Leo. She enjoyed sharing her experiences of being a mum and trialling the latest parenting products, which is what makes her such a great addition to our Parent Approved Panel.

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