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At Mamas & Papas, we get parenting. As a family business we work to understand the needs of new and growing families.

To celebrate our 'Designed for parents by parents' philosophy, we launched a campaign in partnership with Absolutely Mama magazine to find our very own Parent Approved Panel: an exclusive group of mums and dads who get to share their experiences of parenting with you.

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We’ve loved looking through the applications; they perfectly sum up what it means to have a little one! Eventually, we got there. And now we’re extremely excited to work with our 11 lucky parents over the next 12 months

Parent Approved Panel: Latest Reviews

Now the Parent Approved Panel is well underway, our panellists are off exploring the world of Mamas & Papas, reviewing products and enjoying exclusive experiences. Here are some of their latest pieces.

Emma Lewis & Mia Cotbed Package Read the article

Emma was looking for a compact nursery for a smaller space. Did the Mia Classic Cotbed Package do the job?

Amy Hignett & Armadillo XT

Amy and Leo try our Armadillo XT for their off-road adventures!

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