Ewan the Dream Sheep - Grey

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Our new grey Ewan the dream sheep® has all the same features as our original purple ewan®, he just has a grey fleece!

Ewan The Sheep - Gift of The Year For Kids!!
Winner of Practical Parenting & Pregnancy Gold Award - 2011-2012

He is not voice activated as 'new' research shows that it is better/safer for the parent to visit the child, who has woken and crying, to establish all is well and then turn on the gentle sounds and light to soothe baby back to sleep.
If Ewan® is used from birth the baby will recognize the sounds and associate calmness and sleep when played.

Features and Benefits:
- He is a sheep
- He is soft and cuddly (very)
- He can be a hand held toy
- He can attach to the cot side
- He has gentle womb, rain or musical sounds
- He has a gentle pink glowing light in his chest

Age Suitability: Newborn 0-6 Months.
Dimensions: H-25cm x W-17cm x D-17cm.

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