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Looking After Your Pushchair with Loved for Life

How Mamas & Papas can help keep your pushchair as good as new

By Mamas & Papas

If you’re thinking of buying a pushchair, you want to be sure it lasts a long time – maybe even for your second or third child. Well, our Loved for Life service is a great way to keep you pushchair as good as new. You can even trade it in when you’re done. Find out more…

Parenting is often described as being a journey, and it is. From that initial discovery that a baby is on its way, it’s one long adventure filled with fun, excitement, ups and downs.

We try our best to make sure you’re prepared for the road ahead, by providing you with helpful tips, friendly advice and, of course, all manner of essentials – from nursery furniture to car seats. And of everything we do, few things stay with you on your journey as long as your pushchair.

Our Mamas & Papas pushchairs are designed for the road ahead. We design with the needs of parents in mind, we trial our pushchairs with up to 50 different babies – and we put them through their paces at the intensive assault course in our Product Test Lab. Picture something out of the SAW films, but with more buggies.

So we do a lot to get your pushchair up and running, but did you know we also keep your pushchair going for as long as you need it? And long after.

Loved for Life

Our Loved for Life service is all about giving your pushchair a little TLC when it needs it most. To make sure it works as well as it always did, and always looks as good as that first time you un-boxed it.

Made up of a number of different services, Loved for Life is your one-stop shop for maintaining and looking after your pushchair, so you can carry on loving it, for life.

Valet & MOT

A good way to think of a pushchair is like a car. A small car for babies. They sit in it, but they don’t drive it. You drive it. If anything, it’s more like a taxi.

You know what? Forget the car thing.

But just as you take cars in for services, and occasionally to the car wash when you have the right change and ten minutes to sit and do nothing, pushchairs need a little upkeep too.

Our Valet and MOT services are ideal for giving your pushchair a spruce up, when the effects of long walks and off-roading begin to take their toll.

The Valet service will give your stroller the full makeover. We’ll strip the pushchair down, steam clean the fabrics, jet wash the frame, remove any stains, perform minor sewing repairs, and pick all that muck and gunk out of the tyres. It really is a top-down deep clean.

As for our MOT, we’ll make sure your pushchair is at it’s best. We’ll review all the parts, perform safety checks, replacing any damages, check the breaks, harness, wheels, frame and seat. Plus we’ll oil all the moving parts and service the wheels and breaks – to guarantee that it’s still fighting fit.

You can choose to book a full Valet, or MOT or, if you really want to treat your pushchair, both. Simply book an appointment and drop your pushchair off in store – then leave the rest to us. And because we know how important your pushchair is, we’ll even provide you with a loan pushchair if you need it.


Replacement Parts

Did you know we do replacement parts on all our pushchairs?

It’s true. Obviously, we test all our products to make sure they can withstand all sorts of pressures and forces coming at them, but babies being babies, you can never be sure what’s going to happen.

So if you think your pushchair could do with a few new bits and pieces, let us replace them for you. It’s a great way to extend the life of your buggy, keeping it going for longer, so you can enjoy peace of mind with every stroll.

And if you’re expecting another child, and just fancy giving it a bit of a face life (the pushchair, not the child) we can also help you to customise your pushchair with different colour fabrics and features.


Trade In

No one likes saying ‘goodbye’ but with our Trade-in service, we can take the sting out of that final cheerio.

When your little one has outgrown their pushchair, we’ll take it off your hands and give you up to £140 in Mamas & Papas vouchers as a thank you. Ideal if you need to upgrade to a smaller, lighter buggy for your toddler.

All you need to do is send us your pushchair; we review its condition then offer you a fair price. There’s no haggling and no hassle. 

It’s a more responsible and ethical way to get rid of that old pushchair, and because we don’t believe in just dumping pushchairs in landfills, we’ll make sure it finds a new life with a new family. We recondition every pushchair we get, and sell it on to those families in need of a second-hand pushchair.


So there you have it. With our Loved for Life service, not only can you feel confident that your Mamas & Papas pushchair is ready for your parenting journey, you can be sure that it will go the whole way. And when it reaches the end, you can help it to start another journey with a brand new family. Helping it to feel loved for life.


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