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Introducing the Ocarro Anthracite

Taking a look at our newest Signature Edition pushchair

By Mamas & Papas

Our Ocarro was designed to be compact without compromising on baby’s comfort. It also doesn’t mess about in the style stakes either. And now, our latest Signature Edition design takes things up a notch, with inspiration from the ‘black diamond’.

When you think luxury, your mind automatically goes to rocks. That might sound a little silly, but when you consider engagement rings, stunning necklaces and, heck, even mood rings, it’s clear those natural, everyday substances can be the height of sophistication.

That’s why, when it came to designing a new Signature Edition pushchair, our first thought was to get out in the garden and have a dig around. We found nothing.

So we looked a little further, and instantly fell in love.

What is Anthracite?


Anthracite is a type of coal. But no ordinary coal. Certainly not the type your folks chuck on the fire when the weather turns.

With the highest carbon content, anthracite contains the fewest impurities – making it almost perfect. And that perfect quality shows. Anthracite has a very distinct submetallic lustre – which is why it earned the name ‘the black diamond’; a shining, shimmering exterior that can’t help but stand out.

It was this metallic sparkle that inspired our latest creation: the Ocarro Anthracite.

The rock’s shimmering surface instantly made us think of our pushchair frames. Not always the most glamorous part of a pushchair, but an essential one. The robust chassis is the key ingredient holding everything together, giving your pushchair the strength it needs to handle every single journey.

And we felt it could do with a little bit of a makeover.

Designing the Ocarro Anthracite


Such a distinct look could only be at home on one of our most distinct pushchairs. With it’s large wheels, robust frame and plush fabrics; the Ocarro was the perfect candidate for our latest Signature Edition.

Taking the metallic shine of anthracite rock and infusing it into our pushchair frame, we’ve created a striking graphite grey chassis that really stands out.

Not to leave it there, we then brought some of our favourite signature stylistic touches to this new Ocarro pushchair.

Always a pushchair that championed comfort, the Ocarro Anthracite's quilted hood lining creates a deep, rich experience for your child, with plush fabrics that add a little more indulgence to your journeys.

And because we love the richness of different textures, we’ve included some subtle leatherette detailing to enrich the overall look. With a leatherette handle offering you more comfort as you push, to the small flashes of leather-effect material on the zip pulls.

The perfect pushchair


Our Ocarro is ready to go, whether you’re hitting the streets or taking things off road. The all-terrain design includes our improved kerb-pop feature, which makes it easier to get up and down pavements, and reflective wheel trims that help keep you visible when out at night.

All that, plus a compact fold, letting you store the Ocarro pushchair away with no fuss.

So whether you’re a style lover looking for that little black number, or in need of a pushchair built to handle all those journeys, the Ocarro Anthracite could well be the pushchair for you.

So what are you waiting for? Time to rock ‘n’ stroll…

If that tickles your fancy then take a closer look at our Ocarro Anthracite Pushchair.

If you’re still a little undecided, give our Pushchair Buying Guide a read. Or book a Personal Shop and let us help you.

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