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A Mum's Review of Joie's Spin 360TM

Jen from Mother Lover reviews the reversible Joie car seat

By Joie

As any parent will tell you, narrowing down your car seat options can be a little tricky. Thankfully, personal advice and recommendations make all the difference. Jen from Mother Lover reviewed the Spin 360 for Joie and they were kind enough to share it with us. Here is her review...

When it comes to car seats, my match made in heaven is one that’s safe, easy to use and will last us as long as possible. For my other half, one that’s easy to fit to the car is top of his list of priorities. We’ve been through a few car seats in our time, and although some seem like they’re going to be easy to use, in practice it’s not always the case.

Enter the Joie Spin 360.

For starters, it looks great and is made of soft snuggly material for newborns: important as it’s suitable from birth. Fitting the seat to the car was a doddle with ISOFIX connectors, so that ticked a box for us. Plus, the base makes it feel really secure once it is in.

The seat’s been designed to spin 360° from front to back, to give you the option of rearward or forward facing travel when you’re ready. This spin feature is also massively helpful for getting a wriggly toddler into the seat. Trying to get kiddo into a car seat that only faces forwards can be awkward, as we all know. The spin would be especially good for mums who are pregnant (like moi!) or who struggle with lifting / bending over to get kids into the car.

The seat lasts up until the kids are 18kg (which is about 4 years old), so it’s a good buy as it’ll last you a long time. Again, the forward or rear facing option comes in here – rather than needing to change to a different seat when you want your toddler to start facing forwards, you have the choice of how long you keep them rear facing.

Overall, we love the look of the Spin 360 and have found it super easy to use. It ticks all of our boxes, is a long-term investment. For me, the 360° spin, which only needs one hand to use, takes it to the next level.

Jen from Mother Lover clearly has a lot of positive things to say about the Spin 360 - and it's always good when you can find a car seat that both you and your partner feel comfortable with. If this has whet your appetite (car seat-wise, obviously) then why not take a closer look at this popular car seat...


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