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Another Day
in the Life
of the Ocarro

with Little Miss Tiggy

By Megan Jones

Having already given our Ocarro pushchair a whirl, Little Miss Tiggy blogger, Megan Jones, knows her way around our comfiest pushchair yet. And with a newborn in tow, we thought they both might get some use out of the Ocarro's cosy, comfortable carrycot.

We recently spent a day “road testing” the Mamas & Papas Ocarro, and you can read that post here, where we put the Ocarro’s carrycot through it’s paces with Tiggy as the passenger. This weekend we thought we’d try out the carrycot stage, with our newborn baby along for the ride.

Her name is Pip and she’s now 12 weeks old, and spoiler alert: she loved being in the Ocarro carrycot. Together, we truly put this pushchair through its paces! Muddy bumpy paths, up and down endless pavements including mounting kerbs one handed, and even sand on a local beach; it was clearly a comfortable, sturdy and smooth ride and Pip slept throughout!

So, to our day…


Tiggy and Pip have older brothers, so once we’d dropped them to school we headed to the beach. We parked the car and lifting the Ocarro in and out was a doddle, it’s so quick and easy to put up and down which is great when you want the transition of your baby from car to pram and vice versa to be as easy and as smooth as possible. We walked from the car park along the muddy bumpy path up to the road and, whilst Tiggy happily jumped in muddy puddles, the Ocarro navigated them effortlessly with it’s big sturdy wheels, which clearly maintained a smooth ride for Pip as not even the biggest of bumps in the path woke her!


We walked through the town taking in the sights as we went, crossing roads and mounting kerbs with ease, stopping to admire the views. We headed to the beach where we played for a little while and enjoyed the fresh air.


Tiggy and I love the beach, and on the sand the Ocarro didn’t falter, even when the heavens opened and we had to make a run for it! The raincover was on in no time and we headed to a little coffee shop for a pit stop to wait for the rain to stop.


Whilst Tiggy and I enjoyed a spot of lunch and some coffee, juice and cake, Pip was asleep next to us at the table. When she woke to be fed, Tiggy reached over to soothe her by rocking the pram back and forth. Such a sweet little sight and her big sister duties are being taken very seriously.


Coffee shop done and dusted, the rain stopped, we headed back out for a walk and could hear the sirens ablaze because the lifeboat was about to launch, so we quickly made our way to the lifeboat station to watch. We arrived to find the launch had been called off, so we headed into the lifeboat station to take a look at the boat. Tiggy was keen to explain to her dolly what it was - so sweet!


With time getting on, we made our way back along the harbour, jumped in many more puddles and headed back towards our car knowing that we had to collect the boys from school. With Tiggy’s little legs it was going to take some time to walk back, especially as little Tiggy wanted “a turn” to push little Pip in her gorgeous pram too.


The boys all collected, Pip quickly and effortlessly in and out of the car in the Ocarro once more, we all headed home for dinner. It was a successful day out with Tiggy and Pip, made easy and enjoyable with the use of the Ocarro, which I’d highly recommend for ease of use and practicality, not to mention how good it looks. It’s stylish, not too heavy to lift in and out of the boot of our car and, above all, Pip loved it, so the day ran and ended with smiles all round.

It seems like Megan, Tiggy and Pip had a fun day out at the beach - not bad considering it's January! And with a little one in tow, the Ocarro Carrycot is the perfect cocoon for a newborn baby.

If the Ocarro sounds like the pushchair for you, then take a look at all it's amazing features, and don't forget your carrycot.



Megan Jones

Megan is the founder (and mum) of Little Miss Tiggy: a British family & lifestyle blog capturing Tiggy's everyday moments.

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