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A Day in the Life
of the Ocarro

with Little Miss Tiggy

By Megan Jones

We know our Ocarro pushchair is built to tackle any terrain anywhere, but you're probably used to us telling you that. So we thought we'd give the Ocarro to a parent who can really put it to the test, and then tell you about it herself. That parent is Megan Jones, the founder of the utterly brilliant Little Miss Tiggy...

Hi, I’m Megan. A mum to 5 little ones and, as you can imagine, I’ve “road tested” a few prams and pushchairs over the years. So when Mamas & Papas invited us to try out their Ocarro pushchair, I jumped at the chance, as Mamas & Papas is a brand I love. Having had one of their prams before, I knew I was in for a treat, and so was Tiggy!

What a busy day we had, so this is what we got up to…


An early start for a weekend, but there’s lots to do. So our first port of call: some shopping, and with Tiggy contained in the Ocarro this took a lot less time than had she been walking!

The Ocarro manoeuvred the streets and shops with ease, with its wheels having both a “fixed” or “swivel” option, we plumped for the “swivel” option and it glided around corners and through shops effortlessly. The Ocarro also has an easily accessible, generously sized basket beneath it, so there was plenty of room for our shopping.


The obligatory coffee shop pit stop - shopping is hard work don’t ya know! Tiggy was keen to try out the Ocarro for herself, popping her dolly affectionately known as “Dodo” into the pushchair and taking her for a little spin, literally!


With coffee and cake done and dusted, we headed to the Botanical Gardens. As Tiggy has older brothers who’s homework this weekend was all about plants, what better place to go see some than at the gardens?

Once at the gardens, we changed the children’s footwear to wellies as, typically being the weekend, it was raining, and then we headed on in. The Ocarro tackled the hills and bumps up to the great glasshouse with no problem at all, with Tiggy singing as we went.


Inside the glass house is very pretty, so Tiggy chose to both push and run alongside the Ocarro showing Pippa the plants and fish as we went.


With little Pip now asleep in the Ocarro, we made our way through the gardens. Tiggy enjoyed splashing in the puddles as we went, stopping to take in the plants for the boy’s homework and even a detour through the butterfly house, which Tiggy loves!


Time to head home. The Ocarro is so easy to collapse to “throw” into the boot of the car, within no time we were heading home for the boys to write up their trip to the gardens.

And with all that running and jumping about in the fresh air and puddles, Tiggy was asleep in no time.

So what do we think of the Ocarro?

The Ocarro is a gorgeous pushchair, super stylish and well made. It’s so easy to use in any mode, from popping on the carrycot to changing it to the pushchair, and the option to face the world or face mummy is an effortless transition that literally takes just seconds.

The shopping basket is a huge asset, very much with the emphasis on “huge”. With two little ones I carry “everything but the kitchen sink” with me, but there was still plenty of room for our shopping.

Our short answer to what we think of the Ocarro is that we love it for it’s ease of use, excellent manouvreability and the fact it looks great is, of course, an added bonus. I’d highly recommend it!

Megan xoxo

It seems like Megan, Tiggy, Pippa and the rest of her brood had a fun day at the Botanical Gardens!

Plus, their adventure was perfectly suited to the Ocarro's easy fold and great manoeuvrability - so all in all, a successful day out. Hear how they got on with the Ocarro Carrycot on their next adventure in Another Day in the Life of the Ocarro.

Hopefully, this helps give you an idea of if the Ocarro is the pushchair for you.

If so, then why not take a closer look at all it's amazing features, or have a look at the rest of our pushchair range, there's bound to be one there for you.

Megan Jones

Megan is the founder (and mum) of Little Miss Tiggy: a British family & lifestyle blog capturing Tiggy's everyday moments.

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