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Just a few of the things we love, each month.

By Mamas & Papas

This is the place you can find out about some of our newest releases, as well as some of the pieces we're currently in love with. From pushchairs and car seats, to outfits and nursery edits - this is what tops our list each month.

- July, 2018 -

Tommee Tippee Baby Food Steamer Blender

Preparing food for your little one can be time-consuming and more than a little faff-y. It takes up time you could be enjoying with your little one, or grabbing a cuppa if they’re asleep. Thankfully, those clever clogs at Tommee Tippee are always looking for ways to make prep-time quick and easy, and their latest creation is no different.

The Tommee Tippee Baby Food Steamer Blender does exactly what the name suggests. It lets you steam and blend fruit, vegetables and meat for your little one. The benefit of steaming food is it keeps the nutrients locked in for healthier food with more flavour.

It’s so simple to use, you can steam, or blend or both. You can even set it to blend food automatically once it’s steamed. No more messing around decanting from one pot to another.

With a timer and a variety of blender settings to control the texture of your child’s food, the Baby Food Steamer Blender is perfect for adapting as their weaning journey progresses.


- June, 2018 -

Joie Sansa Swing

Last month, we talked about the brilliant Joie Serina Swing, and this time we’re championing another of their great rockers.

The Joie Sansa 2in1 Swing doubles as both a swing complete with a variety of motions – sway, glide and dream – and a portable rocking seat that can be removed from the base and placed on any flat surface. It gives you a variety of options to choose from to help soothe baby to sleep.

With lots of additional features, including 5 lullabies, 5 natural sounds and dual vibration settings, you’ll be hard pushed not to drift off just watching your little one. And not only is a great way to send them to sleep, the plush wraparound inserts make it even cosier.

If you’re looking for a rocker or a swing – or both – then the Sansa 2in1 is for you.


Bugaboo Cameleon3 Limited Edition: We are Handsome

If we haven’t said it before (we have), we’re big fans of Bugaboo. They make some truly great pushchairs – as well as being full of practical features, they’ve got bags of style. And one of their most recent collaborations is no different.

The Bugaboo Cameleon3 Limited Edition with We are Handsome print is a striking set of wheels and no mistake.

Underneath, it’s Bugaboo's same great pushchair. Light, compact and easy to get around, the Cameleon3 is ready for you next adventure, whether you hit the jungle or the high street.


- May, 2018 -

Joie Serina Swing Abstract Arrows

It’s fair to say little ones have got it made. If they’re not being pushed around in their buggy, they’re relaxing in their swing or rocker. That's the life.

With a versatile swing like the Joie Serina Abstract Arrows, you’d want to spend all your time kicking back and relaxing. This new swing comes with a handy lift-off seat that gives you 2 motions in one. Use the seat to swing baby to sleep, or remove it to create a portable rocking chair, ideal for nap times.

The five classical lullabies can charm your little one with their catchy melodies, while the five nature sounds and vibrations create a soothing environment for those afternoon snoozes.

The Joie Serina Swing even comes with 6 swing speeds and 3 recline positions so you can find the perfect setting for your little angel. And the striking Abstract Arrows print and hanging toys provide engaging entertainment when you need it.


- March, 2018 -

The Bugaboo Fox

One of our favourite pushchair brands, Bugaboo, is back with something brand new this month.

The Bugaboo Fox is their latest creation and we love it.  Placing the focus on being light, agile and incredibly adaptable, it’s the ideal pushchair for getting around with ease.

The Fox is Bugaboo’s ultimate comfort stroller, it’s all about ‘saying yes’ to the next adventure. Combining a strong, robust frame with an ultra-light and compact design, it’s built to last but easy to use.

With lots of great features, including front wheel suspension, central joint suspension and large wheels, it’s ready to take on all surfaces, from bustling city streets to more adventurous outdoor paths. The ergonomically designed seat and bassinet, combined with the suspension, let your little one enjoy a more comfortable journey, wherever you go.

It even folds down flat, perfect for storing away at home, or taking with you on long car journeys. Inspired by the nimble, clever fox, we think the Bugaboo Fox is one word: fantastic.


Cybex Pallas M SL

If you’re looking to upgrade your car seat as your baby becomes a toddler, then we have lots to look forward to this month. With Cybex offering two new car seats.

First up, is the Cybex Pallas M SL car seat. Full of great features like Linear Side Impact Protection (L.S.P. System) and an adjustable impact shield, this 2-in-1 seat is ideal from 3 years and can even be adjusted to last your child until they turn 11.

The Linear Side-Impact Protection is ideal for minimising harm quickly during a side-on crash. The series of linear reactions absorb the force of a collision, taking it away from your child, through protective side cushions and head and shoulder protectors.

A bit like an airbag, the adjustable impact shield reduces the force of impact by distributing it evenly over energy-absorbing materials. It also provides additional protection for baby’s head, neck and chest. The adjustable design fits your child’s body and even allows for more freedom of movement for their upper half.

All that, plus an optimised ventilation system to help maintain a comfortable body temperature for your child, on long journeys. The Cybex Pallas M SL comes with ISOFIX connectors to help secure it to your car safely. For more information, visit Cybex.


Cybex Solution Z Car Seat

Optimised to grow with your child’s changing needs, the Cybex Solution Z Car Seat is another strong choice to take your little one from 3 to 12 years of age.

Rich with great features, the Solution Z includes Cybex’s patented reclining headrest, 12 automatic height and width settings, Linear Side-Impact Protection and an air ventilation system.

As your little one grows, you can adjust the height settings to keep them comfortable, and the automatic width adjustment means the seat grows alongside them. The head and shoulder protectors help keep your little one protected even as their size changes.

It’s always important to make sure your child’s head is protected in the event of a collision and with the patented reclining headrest design, you can be sure your child’s head is always in the safety zone. And along with the Linear Side-Impact Protection, you can relax a little more knowing your child is safe from all angles.

And with the energy-absorbing shell, the force from a side-impact is reduced by approximately 25%.

The Solution Z's ISOFIX connectors fit your seat securely to the chassis of your car, while the Cybex Safety Pads will guide their head into a safe position in the event of an impact. Find out more at Cybex.


Joie Signature Editions

Not to be outdone, car seat specialists Joie have not one, not two but three new car seats to shop. So if you’re in the market for safer journeys (and let’s face it, who isn’t?) then this is definitely your month.

Based on their classic car seats, these new Joie additions feature the same great features but with a brand new, timeless Signature look. Inspired by British design, the collection features elegant faux leather touches and statement woven and blended fabrics with rich quilted padding for that extra plush finish.

i-Gemm Signature

The finest in i-Size certified comfort, the Joie i-Gemm provides ultimate security and great safety features.

Meeting the new i-Size ECE R129/00 safety standard, the i-Gemm in travel-system ready to get you going in ultimate safety. The Tri-Protect headrest offers 3 layers of security while the Grow Together headrest and harness system adjust to fit your growing child.


Spin 360 Car Seat Signature

The main feature of the Joie Spin 360 is in the name: it’s the rotating seat that turns 360o, making it easy to lift your child in and out of the car. It can be used rear-facing up to 4 years and then forward-facing up to 12 years.

With Side-Impact Protection, a 5-position seat recline, the Joie Grow Together multi-height headrest and harness system and built-in side ventilation, it’s a car seat that keeps your little one safe without losing sight of comfort on those long car journeys.


Everystage FX Signature

Taking you from birth, right the way through to 12 years, the Joie Everystage FX car seat is designed to go the distance. Now enriched with the standout Signature design.

The ISOFIX connectors make it easy to secure it to your car safely, while the Side-Impact Protection and Guard Surround Safety offers even more support in the event of a collision, protecting your little one’s head, body and hips.

With a 10-position headrest and 6 recline settings; you can keep your little one comfortable, wherever your journey takes you.


Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Day & Night

An essential item for any parent who bottle-feeds, the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine is - and this isn’t going overboard - a lifesaver. With night-time feeds and hungry babies, if there’s one thing you need, it’s a bottle made quickly. And the Perfect Prep does just that, producing a bottle at the perfect temperature in less than 2 minutes.

We didn’t think Tommee Tippee could better it. Turns out they could.

The Perfect Prep Day & Night Machine has all the features that parents have come to love, with a few ingenious little touches that really help parents get the most out of their bottle preparation.

The night-time glow lights and volume control, make night-time bottle prep every easier (and quieter) – without the need to blind yourself with the big light at 2am. It also features a digital screen guide to make cleaning and maintaining your Perfect Prep machine even simpler.

And with handy hidden features like a sturdier bottle stand and smoother water dispensing, Tommee Tippee have made a perfect parenting essential a little bit more perfect.


- February, 2018 -

Good Baby Maris 2 Pushchair

An exclusive for Mamas & Papas, the new Maris 2 pushchair from Good Baby is ideal for luxury city strolling.

With a compact footprint – just 54cm - the Maris 2 is incredibly small, great for navigating busy city streets and shops with ease. The seat, which can be turned to face either outwards or towards the parent, is flexible and very comfortable for little ones, with the option to attach the matching GB Idan Infant Car Seat or the coordinating carrycot.

And, when you stop to enjoy the view or grab a coffee, the Maris 2’s compact one-handed fold, is incredibly easy to collapse. It’s free standing, which makes it even easier to store the pushchair away when it’s no longer needed. Packed full of other great features, it really is a great pushchair for all you city-living parents.


Maxi-Cosi Rock Baby Car Seat

Finding the right car seat is always tricky, but the one bonus is, you're never stuck for choice. The Maxi-Cosi Rock is the newest addition to the Maxi-Cosi car seat range. It's a Baby car seat, so it's suitable from birth, and what's more, it will attach to the Mamas & Papas Sola2 and Urbo2 pushchairs.

The sleek Nomad Black design will look right at home in your car. It's also available in Sparkling Grey and a softer Nomad Grey.

While it's not nice to dwell on 'what ifs' it's reassuring to know that the Maxi-Cosi Rock lives up to it's tough name, and provides valuable protect and safety. The comfortable baby-hugg inlay keeps your child nice and snug while also providing side impact protection in the event of any side-on collisions, directing the force of a crash away from your baby thanks to the impact absorbing material in the side wings. The Rock adheres to the latest i-Size (R129) regulations and is part of the Maxi-Cosi FamilyFix collection, meaning it's compatible with the ISOFIX 2wayFix car seat base. Easy to install, you can be sure your little one is as safe as possible on every journey.

If you like what you've read, then take a closer look...


Joie Mimzy 360o Baby Highchair

If you're in the market for a highchair, then Joie might just have you covered with two new baby highchairs out this month.

The Joie Mimzy 360o gives you maximum flexibility at meal times, with a specially designed chair that can be adjusted to suit you and baby. The full circle swivel means they can turn to see you, wherever you are in the kitchen, and the seven height adjustments let you find the right height for your child. Suitable from birth, the chair can even been reclined to several different setting, including a flat-lying position, all great for keeping a newborn comfortable at meal times.

The SoftTouch harness is ideal for keeping your little one secure, without irritating their sensitive skin, and removable tray is dishwasher safe, so it's even easier to keep clean. Why not take a look...


Joie Mimzy LX Baby Highchair

If you're all about placing your child at the centre of attention during mealtimes, then maybe the Joie Mimzy XL is the highchair for you. Available in two distinct styles, a playful animal print or the striking chevron-style design, both are sure to look sleek and stylish in your home. And with the clean, smooth lines, it's a chic baby essential that really looks the part.

The Mimzy XL is designed to grow with your child, from 6 months to 3 years, with multiple adjustments, you can find a height and and recline that's right for you child, no matter how old they are. The oversized tray has several height adjustments while also being dishwasher safe.


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