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Top Relaxation Tips for New Parents with

By Christina Moss

Making some time for yourself is always tricky, especially once your little one shows up. But quality me-time is a must - here Christina Moss, co-founder of the wonderful Bloom and Blossom, gives us some top tips for taking it easy...

Being a parent is fantastic, but lets be honest, it can also be super stressful. For many of us, the reality of parenting in today’s fast-paced world often involves spinning multiple plates, managing numerous (and often conflicting) expectations, juggling family, work and personal life  - and generally being exhausted and experiencing varying levels of stress.

  Finding a way to relax and dilute stress is important, and not least because our children are always watching. As my young daughters grow up, I’m increasingly aware of how they are learning how to handle stress from the example I set. Whether I’m gripping the steering wheel at a red light because we’re running late for school, or cursing under my breath at someone for taking my parking space, I am ever aware of their little eyes and ears taking it all in.

 So managing stress in a healthy way and finding a way to relax is important for the whole family. Here are a few of the things I do to lighten the load:

1. Night-time Ritual

We hear so much about the importance of a positive and consistent bedtime routine for our babies, but its just as important for us parents. I prioritise the time to properly relax and unwind before bed, so that when I actually get into bed, my mind is clear and I’m ready to sleep. My ideal wind down centers around Bloom and Blossom’s 3 step Sleep Night-time Ritual; bath, body oil and pillow spray.  The signature night-time fragrance (frankincense, honey myrtle and linden blossom) has become my sensory trigger for winding down.

2. Sleep

Our bodies are much more able to deal with stress when properly rested. Lack of sleep is my number one stress trigger (just ask my husband!) I’m just not one of those people who can survive on 5 hours sleep, and as I am an early riser, this often means going to bed not long after my kids. My advice is to catch up on sleep when you can –if you have the opportunity to take an afternoon nap with your toddler, or you have the chance to get an early night, do it. The dishwasher/ boxset / house admin can wait.

3. Date night

I am very lucky to have family living locally and a childcare set up that allows me and my husband to have a weekly date night. It can be anything from a candle lit dinner, to a trip to the movies or a quick drink at our local pub. Even if its just for an hour, it allows us to reconnect as a couple and have some “us” time away from work and kids.

4. Mum friends

My mum friends are my rock. We share everything from birth war stories to childcare dramas to embarrassing bodies, school gate politics and all the wonderful stuff in between, with plenty of laughs, (sometimes) tears, and (often) wine along the way. The old saying “a problem halved” is never more relevant than during motherhood, and for me, my mum friends are the ultimate stress reliever.

5. Holidays

Like most of us, I LOVE going on holiday and its really the only time when I can relax and unwind completely. The laptop stays at home, my phone is switched off and I relish in being 100% available and present with my family. The feeling of being “unplugged” is very hard to replicate at home in the real world so I cherish every minute. When your only dilemmas are “pool or beach?” and “margarita or mojito?” the stresses of daily life seem very far away…

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