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Top 5 Beauty and Relaxation Essentials with

By Bloom and Blossom

Julia from Bloom and Blossom is back with some more top tips to make sure your 2018 is a refreshed and relaxed one. Here, she recommends her top five beauty essentials to help you feel reinvigorated.

Something a little more comfortable

I am one of those people who loves to get out of ‘work’ clothes so the minute I get home I kiss the children and catch up on their day at school and start bath time. When the bath is running that is my cue to change in to my pyjamas (I was exactly the same as a child) - so one of my top 5 products is our Bloom and Blossom X Mamas & Papas dressing gown and loungewear. Other than being the most comfortable clothing I have ever worn it looks so stylish so I can happily answer the door without pyjama exposure fear! 

The perfect bedtime routine...

My night-time routine is essential after a busy day. A full time business, 3 children and running a home equals a lot of admin in the evening and a busy mind so although I don’t have the opportunity to do this every night, I ensure that at least once a week I head up to bed early, run myself a bath using our Bloom and Blossom Mum's Sleep Bath & Shower Gel and really allow myself to switch off from the day. 

Evening ritual

I have always loved candles, the process of lighting them and the fragrance and gentle glow they give off. Part of my evening switch off is lighting my favourite candle and I do this every evening, once all the children are tucked up in bed. My favourite is the BYREDO cotton poplin and I don’t believe in saving something for best – I enjoy this little ritual every night – something for myself.

Keeping cosy

Another creature comfort for me is a cashmere sock – being warm and cosy in the evening allows my mind and body to start relaxing. A firm favourite and an absolute treat is the Falke cashmere sock.

Putting on the spritz

Finally, a ritual that I will never stop is spritzing our pillow spray, every night without fail. That mesmerising fragrance takes me to my 'relaxing place' and really does prepare me for a great night’s sleep – it acts like my cue to finally shut my eyes and is one of the tools I use to switch off. I'm very proud of our Mamas & Papas X Bloom and Blossom Mum's Pillow Spray.

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