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Bedtime Routines
to Help You Sleep with

By Bloom and Blossom

Whether you're pregnant or brining up a little one, chances are the one thing you could use more of is sleep. Well, have no fear! Our recent collaborators and ace skincare brand, Bloom and Blossom, are here with some top tips to help you get a better night's sleep. So over to them...

Sleeping during pregnancy

Having trouble sleeping?

Those weeks running up to giving birth certainly went into sixth gear for me. With my first child I felt like there were endless lists of things to do - rooms to paint, cots to assemble, buggies to buy and that was on top of a full time job. With number two and three, the lists just snowballed as you can imagine and then there was just too much to list – so it was no surprise my need for sleep was (how do I put this politely…) strong yet my ability to sleep was, lets just say, challenged.

So imagine our office - two working mums with 5 children between us - we talked endlessly about the distinct lack of sleep in our lives and what we needed to do to change that. We were searching for some kind of balance and clearly needed some tools to help us to start winding down in the evening so we created our very own sleep ritual. We believe in this passionately and know it will help those pregnant women who are also struggling, we had you in mind when we made it so all our products are completely safe to use when pregnant. We are so passionate about the need for this form of relaxation as we know it has worked for so many of our friends, family and customers.

B&B's Sleep Ritual

So as well as using our beauty step routine to wind down I have a couple of tips that I stick two religiously:

Ban the phone

Leave your phone downstairs and buy yourself an alarm (so you don’t have that as your excuse for having your phone in the bedroom).

No Screens

Don’t work on your laptop in bed – keep blue screens to a minimum for at least 1.5 hours before bedtime.

Wind down

Allow yourself to switch off – so run a bath, read a book, listen to some music. Don’t expect to flop on to the pillow and fall asleep immediately.

Caffeine alert

This isn’t a problem for everyone but I certainly cannot have a coffee late on, and I sometimes struggle to sleep if I have eaten my favourite dark chocolate late at night (maybe it is the amount I eat!).


Sleeping when pregnant is – lets be honest – uncomfortable. Pillows in every which direction and position – in fact I easily filled a kingsize bed when I was pregnant – but be selfish – you are in fact two people so spread yourself out if that is what you need to do. Prop yourself up with as many pillows – like a princess, you deserve those fluffy pillows.

Sleeping when you've had your baby

Routine is key here. You put a routine in place for your baby in the first few weeks and they respond so positively – a warm bath, lower the lighting, softer voice, baby massage – why not do that for yourself? Have a bath, apply some gorgeous hydrating products, envelope yourself in your favourite nightwear and relax. Remember there will be nights when this just isn’t remotely possible – again don’t beat yourself up about it – try for a routine-fuelled evening maybe once or twice a week and see how your sleep pattern improves.  


It's quality over quantity

Lets put this in context, It is not about the amount of sleep you get, you could be in bed by 8pm with your mind back flipping – that isn’t helpful to anyone – lying there worrying about those endless lists. No it is about the quality of the sleep you get. So give yourself the chance – switch off everything – digitally and mentally – go on, try it.

Bloom and Blossom

Bloom and Blossom combine lots of our favourite things. Women who dream big, sisters, beauty and mums!
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