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How to Stay Fresh Faced During the Festive Holidays

By Bloom and Blossom

Julia and Christina from world-renown skincare brand Bloom and Blossom are back. And now, coming up to Christmas, they're using their endless wisdom to help us stay fresh faced in these colder months.

How to stay fresh faced during the festive holidays. When you know will you tell me? In all seriousness I love the festive season, everything about it – the parties, the food, the family celebrations, the children’s excitement and my stocking.

Our family diary starts getting very full from mid November onwards. With 3 children comes multiple nativity plays (and respective costumes), too many school fairs and dance shows and numerous requests for visits to see Father Christmas (how many times do we need to see him?). On top of that we have our own packed diary of socialising - never one to say no to a party - and of course we have the traditions that we love. Having moved to a new area, just a year ago, we have started some lovely new family traditions for Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day, but it is quite a daunting 4 week schedule, so before you get to taste that Christmas turkey here are a couple of my fail safe tips to try and stay fresh faced (and sane) this festive season:


As a working mum, with three children, there isn’t much time to go shopping so I do try and get as much done ahead of the race. The joy of online shopping has saved me many a frazzled shopping moment, so I always get the children to write their Christmas lists as early as possible, this then gives me time to make the purchases and hunt high and low for the present of choice. However I do love the tradition of wrapping all the presents on Christmas eve with a nice glass of something.  



So my fail safe way to get through Christmas is to not to burn the candle at both ends, and be a husk by Christmas day. We do have a hectic diary but on the nights when I am in, I make sure I take myself off to bed at a decent time, and stick to my proven night-time ritual of bath, book and bed, assisted with the tools we created in our Sleep focused range of beauty products.

"I make sure I take myself off to bed at a decent time, and stick to my proven night-time ritual of bath, book and bed..."

Rig the Secret Santa

We have a tradition of Secret Santa in our family, for the grown ups – and I have been known to rig the result in order to get a family member that I may have already bought a gift for back in October. If any members of my family are reading this, I just want to clarify that the ‘rigged’ gifts are not showing any form of favouritism!  



We host Christmas Day lunch each year and thoroughly enjoy doing so, but I am not shy of delegating jobs. It is lovely for everyone to bring something so do divide up that shopping list – but don’t make the mistake I made one year when I asked my sister in law to bring crackers and she brought those for cheese rather than those for the table, ‘where are the cracker?’ ‘There…..’ (points to large box of biscuits for cheese) ‘No the crackers’ (cue arm movements and much hysteria!)’. 

And finally...

A Sneaky G&T

Ensure any festive jobs such as putting up the Christmas tree and decorations, preparing the Christmas turkey, wrapping the gifts, laying the Christmas table or just enjoying a re-run of Strictly Come Dancing is accompanied by a lovely Christmas tipple. You know you deserve it and it is Christmas after all.

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