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Pregnancy Advice: 13-20 Weeks

The best of our articles and advice for the start of your second trimester.

By Mamas & Papas

As you move into your second trimester, we've pulled together some helpful advice and articles to help you navigate the next few weeks of pregnancy.

So, you've finished your first trimester.

Congratulations - that's the first big step done with, and what better way to celebrate than with a photo of your new little arrival? Now that your 12 week scan is done and dusted, it's time to look at what's next in your journey.

It's still a little while before baby is here, so there's plenty of time to start your planning, but it's always worth trying to get your head around some of the bigger things, like budgets. The more you can consider now, the easier it will be when you come to make those big purchases. Also, it's worth thinking about keeping fit; pregnancy is a time when you should be taking it easy, but that doesn't mean you can't look after yourself. So take a look at our advice below, covering exercise, essential items and more.

Health & Fitness

Keeping fit is still very important during pregnancy, as long as you're not pushing yourself too far. We provide some subtle suggestions for ways to stay active with bump - though if you want to have another slice of cake, who are we to judge?

Pregnancy Myths: Busted

There are a lot of rumours flying round about what you can and can't do while pregnant, and while these do tend to change from time to time, to best protect you and your bump, it's fair to say there'll be more you can do than you might realise.

Another great article by Move Your Frame helps to dispel some of the myths around pre-natal workouts.

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Yoga & Pilates: The Perfect Pregnancy Pairing

If you're the sort of person that likes keeping in shape, then pregnancy shouldn't mean the end to that. Even though your body will change a lot over these next few months, it's important to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The brilliant gang at Move Your Frame in Shoreditch, have written a piece all about yoga and pilates, and how might be the ideal exercises to try while pregnant. Effective without being intense, you may have just found your perfect workout pals.

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Madeleine Shaw: Top Reflux Tips

Depending on how your body is taking to this whole pregnancy thing, you might be winding down on with morning sickness.

However this being pregnancy, nothing ever stays calm for long. Acid reflux is probably right around the corner. If you’re struggling, then ace nutritionist Madeleine Shaw has some top tips.

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Preparing for Baby

Now that you've had your 12 week scan, you'll probably feel a little relieved and more able to start on some of the big plans. From thinking up names to mapping out your future, here are some articles about your soon-to-be little one.

Top 10 Tips for Picking a Baby Name

We don't want to get too scary or anything, but this is going to be one of the biggest decisions you'll ever make. And one from which there's no going back. So, no pressure then.

Depending on the sort of person you are, picking a baby name will come naturally or might take a little longer to settle on one you and your partner agree on (plus anyone else who cares to venture an opinion - and they will!). So it helps to start thinking about it as early as possible. We've got some great tips to get those ideas flowing.

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Talking in Multiples: Having More Than One Baby

With your 12 month scan done, you'll probably be a little more clued up to how your baby is doing. If this was your first scan, then you may have been delighted/shocked/surprised (delete as appropriate) to find more than one baby smiling back, if they can smile at this stage.

Multiples are far more common than you might think. Whether it's twins, triplets or more babies than a football team, there's a lot to love about having more than one child. Rob Gilroy - a man currently experiencing life as a twin dad - has a few words of advice for how to handle life as a parent of multiples.

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The Mum Diary: The First Glimpse


You’ve had your 12 week scan and probably had your first glimpse of your little one. It’s an important moment filled with all sorts of emotions.


However it makes you feel, you can be sure you’re not alone in feeling like that. Every parent will have experienced it in a similar way, and if you need proof then our resident mum-blogger, Rosalind Sack writers about her experience.

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Shopping Support

With so many items to buy and products to consider, knowing where to start is tricky. But we've got your back. Here are some articles about how we can help you get started with those baby purchases:

Personal Shopping with Mamas & Papas: What to Expect?


No doubt you’re starting to consider those all-important purchases at this stage. From pushchairs and car seats to cots and baby clothing, there’s a lot to buy.


If you’re looking for a little inspiration then we offer a free in store Personal Shopping service to help you figure out which essentials you need. Why not read about what to expect when you book a session with us.

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Our Essential Items Checklist

If you're starting to think about budgeting for your baby, the best place to start is with a list. Figure out all the items you're going to need then go from there.

Luckily, we've beaten you to it. Our Essentials Checklist, pulls together all the items we think are essential to get you going on this parenting journey. It's downloadable so you can print it off and bring it with you when the shopping finally begins.

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Rest and Relaxation

Even though you'll be gearing up for all sorts of planning at this stage, it's important to take some time out for yourself. Whether you're getting away or pampering yourself, we've got some great articles to check out.

Five of the Best Places for a Babymoon

You’ve still got a few months before baby makes an appearance, so it’s a perfect time to getaway and pamper yourself.

Whether you’re a full on jetsetter or prefer keeping things on home soil, Alison Perry has some great location ideas for planning your Babymoon.

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Gift Ideas to Make Mum Smile


If your partner is well into her pregnancy then a treat or two can help make things feel a little easier to handle.

For Mother’s Day we pulled together an edit of great gift ideas, but they’re perfect no matter what time of year. So you can give that mum-to-be in your life, the treat she needs now more than ever.

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Mental Health

However you're feeling at this point in your pregnancy, it's important to listen the feelings you're experiencing and to talk about them with people who've been through it. Our articles on mental health are there as a handy guide to get you started on recognising your feelings.

The M&P Guide to Prenatal Depression

There are a lot of new feelings and emotions to cope with during pregnancy, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Talking about how you feel is an important way to get your experience out there, and also to realise you’re not alone.

If you’re feeling particularly down, it’s crucial that you speak out. We’ve pulled together a guide to Prenatal Depression, because although it might not be nice to think about, it can be incredibly helpful to know.

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We hope you found something useful in our advice, something that you can take with you on the next few weeks of your pregnancy. Don't forget, you can still check out our advice from 0-12 weeks, or if you're ready for the next stage, what about our 21-30 weeks advice.

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