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Madeleine Shaw:

Top Tips to Help with Reflux

By Madeleine Shaw

Baby's feed a lot. And for all that goes down, some of it is bound to come up. You're always ready for a little spill but sometimes a muslin square won't cut it. If baby's suffering from reflux then there's lots you can do to help them deal with it. Here, Madeline Shaw shares some of her personal favourite suggestions.

Before I had Shay I had never heard of baby reflux. I knew babies were sick a lot but I didn't realise how hard it is when your little one has reflux.

Reflux happens a lot to small babies as their digestive system is still very immature. Shay suffered terribly from it but has now gone from crying every time he fed to thriving.

My 5 Top Tips

Here are my five top tips...

Try feeding more upright

If you are breast feeding change up the position so your little one is more upright allowing the milk to stay down more easily. 

Add Carobel

If you use formula or pump then add a little Carobel to your milk. It thickens the milk and really helps with reflux, keeping the milk down. 

Buy Alison Scott – Wright’s book 'The Sensational Baby Sleep Plan'

This book was my favourite out of all of them and I also had a consultation with her. She was amazing and I can't recommend it enough. 

Get you baby into a routine

This really helped Shay as he had time between feeds for his tummy to empty. Instead of giving him little and often, I switched to a 3-4 hour routine of feeding which made him so much more comfortable.

Give them probiotics 

This helps boost the good bacteria in their gut, strengthening their digestion. I love the BioCare one. 

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Madeleine Shaw

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