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Madeleine Shaw:

5 Things To Do Before You Give Birth

By Madeleine Shaw

If your baby will be making an appearance soon, then you're probably considering all the important things still to do. But remember to take some time to get yourself mentally prepared. Madeleine Shaw has some top tips to get you feeling ready.

My 5 Top Tips

Here are just a few things to try, before baby arrives.

1. Enjoy spending time together, just the two of you

If this is your first little one then enjoy the time just being a two, go to the cinema, have loads of date nights, enjoy spending time together.

This will change very soon and it will be harder to have these special moments, even though I am sure you can't wait for him/her to arrive.

2. Have a pamper day

Get your nails done, haircut, have a massage, enjoy having time to yourself feeling pampered.

3. Meal prep

Cook up big batches of stews, soups, make some energy balls - anything that you can just reheat or grab.

You will be so grateful when your little one/ones arrive and you don't have the energy to cook.

4. Declutter your home

Babies need a lot of stuff, the pram, toys, clothes, baby before they arrive give your home a clear out to allow for this. 

5. Get some good recommendations for binging series

You will be spending lots of time on the couch so why not get some great TV watching done too! 

That you help you feel relaxed, reassured and ready for your new arrival!

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Madeleine Shaw

Nutrition and yoga expert, Madeleine Shaw inspires people to live, eat and feel better.
A new mum to baby Seamus, she is taking her expertise and turning it to the world of parenting.

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