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Five of the Best...

Viral Parenting Videos

By Mamas & Papas

They’ll make you smile. They’ll make you laugh. They’ll make you sigh with recognition! Here are five of the best parenting videos on the interwebs.

In this age of social media saturation, it doesn’t take long for a video to become a viral sensation – especially if it features a cute baby. Whether it’s watching them reach a milestone, playing with a puppy or smothering themselves in peanut butter, it seems the internet can’t get enough of the weird and wonderful world of parenting. We’re sure you must have a few contenders featuring your very own ‘bundle of joy’ on your phone.

1. Peanut Butter Baby

  Hmm, this seems familiar. You turn your back for five minutes and all manner of chaos breaks loose. The internet phenomenon known as ‘peanut butter baby’ features a brother, a sister, and a large tub of the nutty stuff. What could possibly go wrong? It’s baby Ethan’s ‘What, Mom?’ reaction that makes it, though. Now should we hide those condiments?

2. Toddler Pranks Dad

With more than 15 million views and counting, this cunning toddler proves it’s never too early to start pranking your parents. The budding actress feigns crying out in pain every time dad tries to clip her nails. Then bursts into fits of giggles as her plan succeeds. Such trickery from one so young.

3. Buzz and the Dandelions

  Tom Fletcher has come a long way since his days fronting McFly. Now a full-time YouTuber, children's author and father to his sons Buzz and Buddy, he uploaded this simple video of himself blowing dandelions and wrote “this is why being a Dad is awesome”. Buzz’s hysterical laughter made us fall in love with both of them. Too sweet.

4. ‘Beat It’ Dance Routine

Stay-at-home dad Adam Ballard shows exactly what happens "when it’s just the dudes at home". With some impressive choreography and a simple baby carrier, dad and son nail the dance routine to Michael Jackson’s 'Beat It'. There’s a pretty impressive moonwalk in there, and some impeccable timing from both. Adam has made a series of these videos, including dances to ‘Turn Down for What’ and ‘Can’t Touch This’, but the King of Pop’s classic is our fave. This kid is going to be a big hit at his nursery's Christmas disco.

5. Baby Sees His Mother for the First Time

   The very definition of heartwarming. It’s not just pranks and pratfalls that rake in the views, sometimes it’s a simple 30-second video of something many of us take for granted. This poignant moment shows the first time a baby sees his mother properly after being fitted with glasses, and it’s impossible not to smile at his sheer joy. As many commenters have said, it’s an amazing reminder of the wonders of modern medicine and technology.
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