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Five of the Best...

Dads on Instagram

By Luke Edwards

In the age of the selfie, hands-on dads are taking centre stage with their little ones and storming Instagram in the process. Here are five of the best Insta-dads to follow.

You’ll look at your own baby snaps differently once you’ve seen these Dadstagram accounts. Some of the best shots come from photographers and artists who mix their funny little-people snaps with useful posts full of humour, fashion, art and advice. Here are five of our favourite dads on Instagram right now.


Run by two dads, Charlie Capen and Andy Herald, this account dishes up a regular dose of parent-centric jokes sourced from around the internet.

From “I’m at the age where I join fashion trends when they make it to the clearance rack”, to the slightly more poignant “As a parent, I’m constantly dealing with the paradox of cherishing every moment while simultaneously wishing every moment didn’t last so long”, these guys cleverly capture what it’s like to be a father, helping dads-to-be see what’s to come and treating already-parents to a knowing laugh. Underneath all the funnies, they’re pretty informative and helpful, too. A great collection of the best the interwebs have to offer.

Check out How to Be a Dad's Instagram account


Father to four daughters and husband to @mother_of_daughters – also big on Insta – this is the tale of a dad desperately trying to remain a man’s man.

He serves up a steady stream of beautiful family photos, hilarious captions and videos about dad life, plus some cheeky lad times enjoying the rugby. Put the two accounts together and the result is a very clever look into this family’s refreshingly normal, albeit beautifully curated life.

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This is what Instagram is all about. Eye-meltingly gorgeous photography that you just can’t stop staring at. Since Adrian Murray is a photographer and artist, this account unsurprisingly offers up stunning examples of family photos with a magical air and a style that’s instantly recognisable as his work.

Photography skill combined with genuine emotional attachment to the subjects – his three children – result in really pure family shots that you’ll want to recreate yourself. Be warned though, it’s not as easy as he makes it look.

Check out Adrian's Instagram account


Young dads beware, this could be a window into your future. A hilarious collection of sent-in photos starring dads wearing some really, really funny outfits, it’s like the ultimate guide to dad-fashion no-nos.

From wearing socks and sandals with Lycra, to just way too many pockets, all the photos come with comedy captions and each one is funnier than the last. And of course all are oh-so typically dad, just like the one above that combines dad fashion and dad jokes with a T-shirt that reads: “World’s best farter (I mean father).” Oh dear.

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McFly band member Tom Fletcher shares family snaps that’ll make you feel all fuzzy inside. He obviously has loads of fun with his two sons Buzz and Buddy – light sabre fights before breakfast anyone? – but isn’t afraid to show that popstars sometimes find parenting tough too, as the snaps of him and his wife each sleeping on the floor of a different kid’s room show. He’s also a big sci-fi fan – Star Wars outfits feature heavily.

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Luke Edwards

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