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Beauty Hacks for Tired Mums

By Louise Baty

Looking and feeling good is never easy. And when you're pregnant or bringing up baby, finding that self-confidence is ever harder. Thankfully, we have some top advice from those who know best.

As a new mum, making time for beauty is hard work. A day when you manage to shower and drag a brush through your hair is a triumph.

But while you’ve got plenty more things to be keeping you busy, there’s no denying a few minutes spent on yourself can make you feel a whole lot better. Especially if you’re heading out for the day with thatwoman from NCT who always looks perfect. We spoke to some of our favourite beauty editors and mum bloggers to find out their secret speedy tips.

1. Mask it

“All three of my kids have been terrible sleepers, so I know how debilitating and ageing it can feel to go through long-term broken sleep. One of my favourite ways to plump, soothe and tighten my dry, tired complexion is with a face mask, but it can be tricky to find time to apply, waiting for it to sink in with no little hands grabbing at your cheeks, and then wash it off.

“I tell all new mums to treat themselves (or get someone to treat you to) Clarins HydraQuench Cream Mask. This might sound super indulgent and time consuming, but the beauty of this face mask is that you don’t have to wash it off, so you can just apply and get on with whatever you need to while it sinks in and works its magic.”

Ellie Crompton is a freelance Fashion and Beauty Editor and blogger at The Mumday Times. She has three children, Bea, 11, Tilly, 6 and Dylan, 2.

3. Just stepped out of the salon

“I used to be a salon junkie, but with a three-month-old baby it’s impossible to get out for an appointment, so I’ve become borderline obsessed with at-home treatments. I use mobile beauty salon Secret Spa – they’re kind of like a beauty Uber and they do loads of new mums, so they’re used to working around your baby's needs.

“I recently had an ‘everything but the boobs’ spray tan, which is great when you’re breastfeeding – and being bronzed definitely makes you look less tired. I’ve had a couple of gel manicures, too, and spending this time on myself makes me feel a bit more ‘me’ afterwards. For an even quicker fix, it’s a slick of red lipstick and a massive pair of sunglasses.”

Gilly Ferguson is the Editor of Look magazine and, and is currently on maternity leave looking after her first baby, three-month-old Bella. You can find her on Instagram.

4. Skip the shampoo

“I have 30 minutes to get showered, dressed and ready for the day as that’s how long Dolly will happily watch Bing for. This means that washing and blow-drying my long hair every day is a no go, but I can’t really pull off the bedhead look.

“Instead, I pull my fringe forwards, wash it in the sink and just blow-dry. The rest of my hair gets some dry shampoo and scraped up into a high ponytail or mum bun. It’s a really quick way to look ‘done’.”

Bronagh Meere is a Fashion Stylist and blogger at While Dolly Sleeps. She is mum to 19-month-old Dolly.

5. Super-quick coverage

“Tiredness shows up quickly on your skin. Breakouts, sallowness, dry patches and of course dark circles are everyday reminders (as if you needed them) that you’re not getting enough sleep. For a quick complexion fix, I mix a really rich concealer with an illuminating cream like MAC Strobe Cream to cheat brilliant coverage without looking cakey. On busy days, I do this and then just wiggle mascara onto the very end of my lashes for an under-a-minute wide-awake look. Failing that, hand the baby to your mum and go to bed!”

Daniela Bellanca, @theycallmedeebs is Fashion and Beauty Editor at Closer magazine. She is mum to 14-month-old son Remi.

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Louise Baty

Louise Baty is a journalist and author of The Dos and Don'ts of Pregnancy. She is mum to a five-year-old daughter and two-year-old son.

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