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Top Prenatal Eating Tips

For Happy, Healthy Mums and Bumps

By Lizzie King

Lizzie Loves Healthy is an ace food blogger, and she’s rustled up some sound advice for finding foods you and your bump will love.

You’ve got through the first part and now you’re trying to work out how to best get along whilst growing a baby and carrying on with your life. That’s HUGE. So cut yourself some slack and make it as easy as possible whilst making sure you’re giving your baby all it could possibly need to flourish and grow.

It’s a big change, and I went from not really caring what went down all week and then cooking up a storm at the weekends for friends and family, to massively over thinking everything that went in my mouth. So please let me take the heat for you, and relax! I’ve got a plan.

There are two very clear-cut parts to eating when pregnant, what you ‘shouldn’t’ be eating and what you ‘must’ eat and there is much fear and loathing around both. So let’s break it down and make it easier for everyone:

Best to Avoid:

What I learned early on, and what has been reinforced by my nutrition studies, is the simple dividing line between what you could eat that may harm your baby, and what you could eat that may just make you throw up. For me the difference is massive, and yet so often they are all thrown into the same forbidden camp.

Prawns, oysters, smoked salmon etc may make you sick as your immune system is compromised when you’re pregnant, but this will NOT harm your baby. No one wants to throw up but I adore these foods and the benefits of the zinc and Omega’s they bring for me far outweigh the risks of a dodgy tummy.

Blue cheese, raw meat, unpasteurised dairy etc can, in rare cases, cause listeriosis, which in turn can cause stillbirth or miscarriage in 20% of cases. Please read up on this list to get in the know as the stats are enough to put you off gorgonzola for now. Wait until the delivery room!

Worth Eating:

We all know that mainlining crisps and white bread isn’t doing anyone any good, but there are some crucial components to a pregnant mummas diet that you should try and make sure are included for everyone’s health.


No nutrient is more crucial when pregnant, for preventing birth defects and keeping babies healthy. I think this B Vitamin should be supplemented as a back up, but it can be found in: Chickpeas, dark green leafies like spinach, liver and lentils

Omega 3’s

Brain development relies on the DHA found in these fatty acids, so get a supplement and eat your way through these tasty numbers: Wild salmon, mackerel, sardines, eggs

Vitamin D

Lying in the sunshine is the best bet for this immune system and bone building boost. But if not: Wild salmon, eggs, mushrooms

Calcium and Zinc

Much needed minerals for development of bones and nervous systems, easily found in: Dairy, nuts, dark green veg

"This is a precious time of eating, growing and enjoying every morsel is also a massive step forward. Cortisol and anxiety are no good for anyone. So have fun and enjoy every mouthful!" - Lizzie King

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Lizzie King

Creator of the epic Lizzie Loves Food, Lizzie is on a mission to bring tasty, gorgeous, healthy food to the table. She is full of great ideas. We love her recipes and we love her even more.

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