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Go Abroad To Find a Better Flavour with

By Lizzie King

Booked your babymoon yet? If you need another reason (we doubt it) then just think about the food. Lizzie talks us through some of the benefits of sampling foreign cuisine, home and away.

Apparently us Brits are now feasting on more foreign deliciousness than any other kind of food - 6 out of 10 meals cooked at home these days are international dishes! Which isn’t surprising given what there is on offer, and also seems to go hand in hand with the sharper focus on healthy eating recently.

Beautifully fragrant curries, fresh, vegetable laden dishes and countless ways of marinating fish from all over the globe are so easy to come across or make now and are just what we need when we’re pregnant.

Keeping things fresh

The cookie jar and the bread bin are often calling when energy is low and hormones are running high, but there’s not often anything much in the way of nutrient goodness in these. It’s so easy now to find a decent spot for so many foreign delicacies that will boost your goodness quotient, from fresh houmous and falafels, to pinxtos, bibimpap bowls or avocado nori rolls. Or why not make them at home?

Try Lizzie's Lime and Coriander Houmous.

Embracing flavour

It’s not just the vitamin mineral list that gets ticked off though. The best thing about keeping the flavours changing is that your baby will benefit by having a much broader palate.

Everything you eat, when you are pregnant affects the flavour of the amniotic fluid, (and when breast-feeding, the milk) and recent research* has shown how much impact this has on babies; those who are exposed to a variety of flavours in the womb and from your milk, become accustomed to them and are much less likely to be fussy when weaning!

So make sure you’re embracing the beautiful kaleidoscope of international culinary goodness either out, or at home, or even better, make it the perfect excuse for a babymoon to sample the delicacies in their natural habitat. A weekend in Rome or Barcelona could be just what the doctor ordered.

With help from a 2014 article by the Monell Chemical Senses Centre in Philadelphia.

Lizzie King

Creator of the epic Lizzie Loves Food, Lizzie is on a mission to bring tasty, gorgeous, healthy food to the table.
She is full of great ideas. We love her recipes and we love her even more.

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