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Cracking Those Chocolate Cravings with

By Lizzie King

When the chocolate cravings strike (and they will) answer the call.
Thankfully, Lizzie’s on hand with some healthy alternatives for you chocoholics.

There are times when ONLY a mouthful of chocolate deliciousness will do. And there are moments in pregnancy when this urge is over whelming, and deprivation and denial are NOT tactics to use when dealing with the energy requirements and cravings of a pregnant woman.

However, all chocolate treats were not created equally. And as much as the cupcakes and brownies may be glinting at you from every coffee shop and supermarket aisle they’re just not going to be adding anything of use to your already overburdened system.

Try and see your calorific needs, as an opportunity to vitalise your baby and fill you both with the very best of cell-building nutrients. Rather than empty calories that may be sugar-heavy and leave you with just an energy slump. As well as informing your baby’s palate; the sweeter the food you eat when pregnant the more accustomed they will become to sweetness.

Always be prepared

The best way of navigating round these moments of need I found, was by making sure I had something in my bag, or in my fridge at all times so that I could deal with the problem quickly, and as healthily as possible. The longer you’re hungry or yearning for a chocolate goodie, the more likely you are to plump for the easiest option and the fastest hit like a cupcake or packet of biscuits.

Whilst there are a few easy to find bars and healthier options out there now, like NAKD bars, (I love the Cocoa Orange one) they’re so much cheaper, tastier and healthier when you make your own.

"The longer you’re hungry or yearning for a chocolate goodie,the more likely you are to plump for the easiest option..."

It’s not always easy to make everything from scratch, especially when baking is concerned, but there are certain super fast recipes that I rely on having stashed away in the fridge or freezer for me or the kids to grab whenever we need an energy hit.

Whizzing together Chocolate Pecan Brownie Balls takes no time and a batch can live in the freezer and last you ages.

Give Lizzie's Brownie Balls a go.

But the ultimate recipe for a rich, gooey, chocolatey hit that’s super fast and keeps in the freezer too for grab and go emergencies with only the best super nourishing ingredients, is my Chocolate Fudge.

Whip up some Chocolate Fudge.

Good quality dark chocolate can hit the spot too, I really like Willie’s Cacao brand which you can find in supermarkets and at various levels of dark.

So don’t feel cheated on the chocolate and just make sure to keep yourself fully armed at all times with great snacks, and things you really like eating that are doing some good to growing that beautiful baby inside you.

Lizzie King

Creator of the epic Lizzie Loves Food, Lizzie is on a mission to bring tasty, gorgeous, healthy food to the table.
She is full of great ideas. We love her recipes and we love her even more.

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