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Nursery Interiors for a Growing Family

The brilliant family behind The Worldwide Webers give our Mia furniture collection a try

By Erica Weber

With a nursery, there's a lot to consider. From the style you choose to the storage space you have to play with. Whatever your nursery looks like, at Mamas & Papas we have furniture and interiors to suit your space style and budget. And to prove it, we asked Erica Weber, from globetrotting family The Worldwide Webers, to create the perfect space for their baby and toddler.

When one became two, we truly had no idea what to do! With just 2 years between tots, we found ourselves knee deep in a double dose of diapers and clothes with no signs of storage solutions, additional space or even potty training in sight. We were quickly caught up in the classic growing family conundrum. Similar to the rest of parenthood, we had no clue what we were doing and the questions on how to create a functional and cool shared space for a toddler girl and a baby boy were endless.

Were we ready for the toddler to be a cage free kid in a big girl bed of her own? Would putting the two kids in one room disrupt the golden 12hr sleep we had finally achieved? Would they stay up all night plotting how to find candy in the house and drive us mad? Would the room be able to fit enough storage for 2 kids worth of clothes, one of whom changes more times a day than an Oscar host? And most importantly, would we be able to find furniture that meshed with the global art that we had acquired while the toddler traveled to over 40 countries by the age of 2? #priorities.

We knew we needed a few key pieces to accomplish this task. A Changing Top that could fit anything from a baby to a toddler to possibly a middle schooler in case she decides against potty training until university. A comfy but washable (I think we all know why it needs to be washable), gender neutral Luxury Changing Mattress. A Mia Classic Wardrobe to hang her party dresses in, and a Mia Classic Dresser to contain any of his vests that actually make it out of the clean laundry pile.

Like city pigeons, the more we feed them the quicker they grow, so we only need to keep one season’s worth of kids clothes at a time in the room. A fact that is convenient for our furniture arrangement but unfortunate for our wallets. So we were looking for spacious but not too big, compact but not too small, stylish but not too trendy, functional for now but transitional for later, and obviously a set that all matched, toddler bed included. You know people say I’m demanding and picky but I just don’t see it.

Since the baby was in a bassinet in our room until 6 months, the toddler would be 2.5 when we handed her an eviction notice from her crib. So when the time was right we faced our fears and hyped up the move to her new Brooke Pine Toddler Bed like it was a promotion to Queen of the Castle. With the baby safely behind the bars of his Mia Classic Convertible Cot & Toddler Bed, I wasn’t concerned they’d start any late night fight clubs or American Ninja Warrior naptime routines. The toddler picked out her new Niki Jones Coverlet, which was not so shockingly pink, and a Yellow Cloud Cushion, both of which matched the trinkets from her travels perfectly. The baby on the other hand won himself a Quilted Waterproof Mattress Protecter, because babies, like kids cups, tend to leak. He also walked away with some super soft Cotton Cotbed Fitted sheets and a Star Pom Pom Cushion, for when he wants to show some flare.

Day in the Life of a New Nursery

So how did it go? Surprisingly, better than I had anticipated! Here’s how a day in their new room goes:


Baby wakes up and I quickly pluck him out of the cot so he doesn’t wake up his sister before her beauty sleep is finished.


The diva is ready for her call time and yells for us to come in and escort her out of her toddler bed.


The toddler requires all creative control over her outfits so she grabs clothes from the bottom drawer of the wardrobe and then I get to be entertained and she tries to put it all on herself.


Baby goes down for his morning nap, and the toddler makes me do her hair like some Disney princess (lately it’s a French braid like Elsa). Damn you, Disney.


First nap is over and the game of hold the baby on the changing table with one hand while reaching into the top dresser drawer with the other to grab clothes commences. Thank goodness for a combination changing table and dresser.


Both kids go down for a nap, and I spend a glorious 2hrs child-free, often eating, doing laundry, working, or just merely sitting in silence. Silence is really underrated #momlife.


Everyone is up and starving, of course.


Hallelujah, we made it to bedtime! We read Hungry Caterpillar for the 1,000th time, sing their nighttime song (the same one that I was sung as a baby, the classic Blackbird by the Beatles), and then lights off the day is over!

I have to say that I questioned putting the two kids in one room from the very conception of the idea. Not only because I couldn’t picture how to create the space, but also the entire daily routine. Luckily it was way less of an ordeal than I pictured and went smoother than a baby’s behind. And with such transitional pieces, the baby’s bed will easily convert from baby cot to toddler bed with the sides removed, and their dresser & changer to just a dresser…one can only hope! From furniture to accessories, the Mamas & Papas gear made it all come true with no parent or toddler tantrums included!

It seems like The Weber clan got on very well with their new nursery. With plenty of space for all those essentials, not to mention a layout and furniture that's suitable for both a toddler and a little one. This just goes to show that, no matter how big or small your room - or your family for that matter - there's lots that can be done to embrace your space.

If you're feeling inspired to get started on that nursery, or maybe just give yours a little makeover, check out our range of nursery furniture plus our bedding, accessories and interiors.

Erica Weber

Erica Levine Weber, founder of the blog The Worldwide Webers, is a traveller, blogger, expat, and modern mom. She’s an expert in family travel and finding the humour in parenthood.

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