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Big Top Tales: Our Circus-Themed Nursery

An inside look at our latest bedding & interiors collection

By Mamas & Papas


If you’re in the market for a new nursery, then you’ll want an interiors collection that really brings it all to life. Big Top Tales is our new circus-themed collection, full of bold, bright colours and playful characters, it’s all the fun of the big top at bed time.

When you’re picking an interiors collection for your nursery, choice is everything. It would be great if you could choose a style based on your little one’s personality, but if they haven’t arrived yet, it’s hard to know who they will be. So, your choice comes down to a few things. Firstly, you need a collection that is soft and cosy, gentle fabrics that create a soothing space for sleep. Secondly, it’s down to the style that you like – either a style that looks right for the nursery, or a style that feels compatible with the rest of your home. And ideally both.

At Mamas & Papas, we pride ourselves on creating a range of co-ordinating nursery interiors collections, as well as complimentary bedding you can mix and match. All to help you create the perfect space for your newborn, with a style that speaks to both of you.

Our latest collection is Big Top Tales. A new circus-themed design inspired by everything that happens under the big top. With lion tamers, tightrope walkers and ring leaders, there’s a whole host of characters to get to know with fun goings on and celebrations. Your little one is sure to love their new bedding. And who knows, they may decide to run away and join the circus...

Super Soft Sleep | Made with 100% Cotton


As with most of our nursery interiors, our Big Top Tales pieces are made with 100% cotton.

The super soft fabric is perfect for cosy nights’ sleep, but it also protects baby as the gentle fabrics won’t irritate or scratch their sensitive skin. It all creates a nurturing space for sleep at naptime or night time.

Delicate Touches | Embroidered Detailing


We love intricate detailing on our bedding, it’s what really makes it stand out. And Big Top Tales is no different.

The soft, cosy cotton fabric is enriched with delicate embroidered detailing, bringing the character illustrations and stunning designs to life.

A Playful Cast of Characters | Hand Drawn Illustrations


Everyone needs a bit of company – and when a little one is getting used to a new room, then the more company, the better. That’s why our Big Top Tales collection heroes the stories of so many wonderful characters.

From the ring leading holding it all together, to the brave tightrope walker performing daring deeds, to the cast of circus animals like the lion, the elephant and the sealion. With so many characters to see and explore on the fitted sheets, coverlet and dreampod sleep bag, your little one won’t be short on company.

A Colourful Circus | Bright, Bold Designs


While we love creating understated interiors styles, we love a bit of colour, which is why our Big Top Tales pieces features a range of bright colours. From bold reds and soft blues to warming greens and yellows, each piece showcases a subtle, sophisticated design with pops of playful colour.

Whether they’re enriching the hand-drawn illustrations or standing out on our range of cushions and wall art, if it’s colour you want, why not head to the circus?

Complimentary Scandi Style | Paired with our Lawson Furniture

An interiors collection bursting with colour and character like this, needs to be paired with subtle, understated furniture. That’s why we’ve chosen to pair it with our Lawson nursery furniture. That’s not to say that Lawson isn’t memorable, far from it.

Lawson is a collection inspired by minimalist Scandinavian style. With its cool, crisp design, stylish cut out handles, angular legs and white accents, it’s a striking yet soft collection that’s ready for an injection of bright colour.

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What’s in the collection?

With so many pieces to choose from, we’ve pulled together a complete list for your essential guide to our Big Top Tales collection.

Nursery Bundle

A perfect starter pack for your little one’s first bed, our Nursery Bundle includes a dreampod sleep bag, a coverlet, 2 fitted sheets and a musical mobile. Plus, you can choose between a cot bumper to protect baby from bumping their head in the night, or cot bar bumpers to add a decorative finish to your cot.

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2.5 Tog Dreampod Sleep Bag

Perfect for cosy snuggles in the early days, and much safer than loose bedding, our Dreampod Sleep Bags let you fasten baby in safely so they can stretch out and snooze without getting caught up in sheets and quilts. The 2.5 Tog design is extra cosy and warm.

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1.5 Tog Coverlet

A light alternative to a quilt, our 1.5 Tog Coverlet is perfect when baby is ready for loose bedding. The 1.5 Tog design is soft and cosy, while offering more lightweight cover than a standard quilt.

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Fitted Sheets

An essential for any cot or cotbed, our fitted sheets are 100% cotton and protect your mattress from little accidents. They also showcase a hint of the colour and illustrations you’ll find throughout the rest of the collection. Available in a pack of two.

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Cot Bumper

Protecting baby from unwanted bumps in the night, our Cot Bumper has the same great colourful pattern and embroidered details as the rest of the range, with a gently padded design perfect for protecting little heads.

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Cot Bar Bumpers

A decorative touch to any nursery, Cot Bar Bumpers are a great way to continue the interiors theme and make a statement in your little one’s cot.

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Musical Mobile

Our Big Top Tales Mobile will soothe your little one to sleep in no time. The musical feature plays a soothing melody while the brightly coloured pom poms keep baby transfixed.

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Curtains are essential for keeping your nursery dark and shaded during naptimes. These curtains provide plenty of cover as well as keeping the bright, colourful theme going.

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If you’re looking for a different way to inject some colour into baby’s nursery, then our Big Top Tales bunting is ideal. It’s bursting with bright, bold shades.

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A rug is a great way to pull a room’s style together. And our Big Top Tales rug definitely does that. Made with 100% cotton, it’s super soft, making it a great feature piece and a fun place for baby to sit and play.

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Star Cushion

Keep your nursery cosy and comfortable with our Big Top Tales star cushion. A great accessory for your feeding chair, it adds a pop of colour to any room.

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Elephant Wall Art

Every room needs a feature piece, and they don’t come much better than this. Our Elephant Head Wall Art is striking, playful and bursting with fun. Bringing the elephant illustration to life in your little one’s room.

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Knitted Blanket

A great accessory for your nursery, and even better in the pushchair, our Big Top Tales Knitted Blanket keeps the interiors theme going wherever you are.

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Fleece Blanket

Especially great during the colder months, our fleece blanket keeps your child wrapped up warm wherever they go. Featuring a striking star design.

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The perfect finishing touch for any nursery, the Big Top Tales lampshade keeps the bright, colourful theme going and ties the whole room together.

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Large Muslin Squares

Perfect for swaddling, or just keeping to hand for a variety of spills and mess, our Muslin Squares are super soft. Made with 100% cotton, they feature an exclusive Big Top Tales design and come in a pack of three.

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If you’re looking for an exciting and vibrant nursery interiors collection, then Big Top Tales may be the one for you. With its circus-themed style, bold, bright colours, 100% cotton designs and cast of playful characters, it has everything a nursery needs – all under one roof.

Don’t forget, we have a wide range of nursery interiors collections available to suit your style. Take a look at our co-ordinating collections, or mix and match pieces from the whole range. And if you need a little inspiration, you could always book a Personal Shopping appointment and let us help spark some imagination.


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