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Yoga and Pilates: The Perfect Pregnancy Pairing

Tips for staying fit from Shoreditch's no.1 fitness brand.

By Move Your Frame

If you’re anything like us, then now you’re pregnant, the thought of hitting the gym is the last thing on your mind.

However, if you’re better than us, and always seeking ways to stay in shape, then Move Your Frame of Shoreditch have some top advice about Yoga and Pilates.

Benefits Of Yoga During Pregnancy

Builds strength, which will help you carry your additional baby weight as you continue to grow and carrying your baby post pregnancy.

Certain poses are great for relieving aches and pains. Pigeon pose is particularly great for relieving sciatic nerve pain

Teaches you to breathe, which is incredibly useful to help calm and centre you during labour

Improves your balance as your centre of gravity changes

Helps with birth preparation., most pregnancy-specific classes will focus on hip openers to help get your baby into position and to help with pushing

Helps you to bond with your baby

"We would always suggest that you let your teacher know that you’re pregnant before the (yoga) class..."

Benefits Of Pilates During Pregnancy

Increases your body awareness and control which helps during labour

Builds abdominal strength and tone for an easier birth and faster recovery

Builds strength in your core to support your lower back and reduce any pain

Improves your balance as your centre of gravity changes

Activates your pelvic floor muscles keeping them strong for birth, also helping to prevent incontinence after pregnancy

Low impact and so won’t put unnecessary pressure on your joints

Pregnancy Modifications For Your Yoga Class

If you are a seasoned yogi and want to continue your practice, here are some pregnancy modifications to be aware of during your class. We would always suggest that you let your teacher know that you’re pregnant before the class so that they can cue your modifications which will make your class more enjoyable, as you won’t need to be thinking about what you’re doing quite as much.

Child’s pose

Take your knees wide to create plenty of space for baby and pop a block under your forehead so that your head is above your heart.

Downwards facing dog / forward folds

Take feet wide to accommodate your growing bump. If you start to feel dizzy or light-headed then come out of the pose and take Child’s pose.

Hip openers

Focus on support, stability and strength rather than stretch, due to the relaxin in your body. Hip openers without care can leave the hips, pelvis and sacroiliac joints more vulnerable to injury and strain.


Where possible take the un-twisted version of the pose. When seated, a side bend is a great option to create much-needed space for breathing.


When everyone else in lay prone (on their tummies) eg. in Cobra, Bow, Frog, then try some cat /cow stretches or arm and leg extensions on all-fours.


From the start of the second trimester, try legs up the wall with a bolster under your pelvis. Always roll out onto your left side before slowly sitting up.


Take a lovely supported rest on your left side instead. Use lots of bolsters and pillows to make sure that you’re super comfy.

Move Your Frame

Shoreditch fitness powerhouse, Frame, burst onto the scene and brought with them a love of staying in shape and feeling great. Now we needn’t dread the gym. Thankfully, they’re also on handy to offer great advice for keeping fit while pregnant.

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