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A Happy New Year From Us

Some thoughts on looking after yourself
in 2018

By Mamas & Papas

Happy New Year to you! Whatever your thoughts and feelings on starting 2018, we thought we'd offer up some top resolution tips for new and expectant parents.

It’s that time of year again – you’re feeling a little sluggish after all those chocolates and mince pies, there’s still an untouched tub of spouts at the back of the fridge and, after a late night in the company of Jools Holland and some knock-off fireworks, tiredness has taken over.  

Happy New Year!   

Call us foolish, but we love the New Year – it brings so much promise. Granted, a lot of that promise ends up unfulfilled, from unused gym memberships to ‘To Do’ lists in a permanent state of incompletion. But everybody loves a trier, and when the New Year comes round, it’s a chance for all of us to try be the best version of ourselves we possibly can be.   

But what is the best version of us? With that in mind, we thought we’d suggest some potential resolutions for those new and soon-to-be parents, looking for a little inspiration.

Parents to Be

Now, depending on where you are in your journey, you’ll either feel ready to take on the world, or an overwhelming desire to break out the sweat pans and stay in front of the TV. Either approach works, but with a busy year ahead, we think there’s one resolution you should try keep.

Look after yourself

For some people, this might mean breaking out the NutriBullet and knocking up a round of smoothies, for others it may mean setting a daily reminder to take those iron tablets – but for everyone – mum and dad-to-be – it should mean rest.  

It’s easy to lose sight of the importance of rest when you’re planning ahead but – as any new parent is quick to tell you – stocking up on sleep is well worth your time. Even if you’re eventually blessed with a child that loves their sleep, a new routine based around feeding and changing takes some getting used to and without proper rest, it can be tough keeping up. So in these winter months, make a little time for hibernation and put your feet up.

Planning ahead

Lists really come into their own in January – everyone is busy planning for the things they’re going to do with their year, and if you’re getting ready for that new arrival, you’ll be no different.

  Preparation is everything. Figure out what you’re going to need and when. We’re always there to help with Personal Shopping sessions and parenting events, but the most important thing is to remember to take baby steps. There’s no point drafting up a 12-point plan if you find yourself running out of steam by point 3.  

Set yourself small but achievable goals. You don’t have to get the pushchair and paint the nursery, and decide on names, and learn the baby Heimlich manoeuvre at the same time. Don’t set out to do everything all at once, spread it out, it’ll be better for your peace of mind and bank balance.

New Parents


If your little one – or ones – are already here, then it’s fair to assume that your plan for the year ahead will be already mapped out. There’s no getting round the endless feeds, changes and naps – but while it’s easy to get swept along by the need for routine, here are some things to consider too.

Make Time


Time is always at a premium as a new parent, so make the most of the time you have. If you find you’re going from day to day and not really taking it all in, stop and breathe. Set quality time aside, for you, your children and your partner.  

Forgetting to have fun can be easily done when your ‘To Do’ list keeps growing, but setting time aside for playtime is essential. Try not to get hung up on when your little one should be crawling or whether their new Peppa Pig whatsit-thingy is really engaging all their sense, just have fun. Being silly, having fun and

In it together

And the same goes for you and your partner. You may be working together like a well-oiled machine, but even combine harvesters need a break now and then. Make time for each other – if you’re lucky enough to have access to childcare, then use it. Grandma and Pops will love having some time with the little ones, and you and your other half can experience a bit of quiet time. And even if there aren’t any babysitters on hand, carve out some time together at home. It’s easier said than done, but a date night in front of that film you’ve been meaning to watch, or over a bottle of wine (if you’re not feeding, of course) and a pizza, is a great way to unwind.  

It’s all about you

And finally, make time for you. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a bit of me-time – from a walk in the park, to a bath, or even a night out with the girls – it’s all part of who you are. If you feel fulfilled elsewhere in your life, you’ll feel renewed and refreshed when it comes to your family.

A healthy, happy new year


Whatever goals you set yourself this January, the most crucial thing is to take care, of your little ones, your partner and ultimately yourself. January isn’t the easiest month to get through, and with pressures and worries from elsewhere, it’s easy to feel lost. Don’t keep it to yourself, ask for help, talk, be honest. As new and expectant parents, you’re more likely to feel ruled by your emotions, so look out for them. If you feel down, seek help – whether it’s pretnatal depression, postnatal depression or just feeling out of sorts, talking to others is always a solid first step to feeling more like you again.  

We wish you nothing but the best for 2018 – and while none of us can control what goes on outside of our lives (and sometimes what goes on inside them) if we look out for ourselves and each other, there’s every chance that the new year could be the happiest, healthiest one yet.  

And if that’s not worth celebrating, what is?
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