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Forever Treasured: Our New Gift Collection

Beautiful gifts, lovingly presented.

By Mamas & Papas

If you’re in the market for newborn gifts, whether it’s for a loved one or your own child, or something to give at a Baby Shower, our Forever Treasured range showcases beautiful keepsakes that families will love for years to come.

Everyone loves a gift, but sometimes the greatest joy comes from giving. With the birth of a baby, there is plenty of opportunity to give gifts that have a real impact.

At Mamas & Papas, we've created a brand new range of beautifully designed gifts for new and expectant parents, as well as their little bundles of joy. From scan frames and trinket boxes to soft toys and imprint tins, there is a gift for every occasion and every family. Realised in a soft pastel colour palette with intricate detailing and illustrations, it's a collection made to be treasured.

And because presentation is everything, certain pieces from our Forever Treasured range come lovingly presented in stunning gift boxes and perfectly styled packaging. Unwrapping excitement, new families will want to treasure the moment and their gifts, forever.

Imprint Tin

As a little one grows, they soon start to leave their mark, from the changes in family life to drawings on the walls. With our Forever Treasured Imprint Tin, parents can record and keep their little one's hand print for years to come.

With a beautifully designed Forever Treasured tin featuring the collection's adorable characters, it's the perfect gift for a new family or grandparents. The tin comes with space on the back to record a date and baby's age, it makes for a perfect keepsake. Simply press baby's hand or foot into the clay, and once it's hardened display it in the tin.

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Imprint Kit Frame 

As any parent will know, it isn't long before messy handprints find their way all over your house, but that doesn't mean they stop being adorable. And for any new family, our Forever Treasured Imprint Kit is the perfect way to immortalise those tiny little fingers. The set includes a frame, paint, a paint brush and 2 cards for showcasing your designs, you can even display the Forever Treasured Imprint kit Frame.

Simply paint your child's hand or foot and press on to the two cards, then display them in the frame provided. With a printed message on the glass, and the adorable Forever Treasured design, it makes for a perfect gift and even better keepsake.

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Hanging Door Plaque

What better way to celebrate the arrival of a little one than by decorating their nursery with beautiful ornaments and decorations. If you're looking to buy something special for a new family, you might like our Ceramic Hanging Door Plaque. Coordinating with our stunning Forever Treasured range, it's a perfect finishing touch for any child's room. 

Featuring the adorable Forever Treasured bunny character, it's realised in a beautiful ceramic design with soft velvet ribbon. And what's more, you can personalise the ornament with the child's name, making it an even more personal gift for that family of choice.

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Snow Globe 

Is there any item as timeless as a snow globe? A perfect snow storm captured in a beautiful keepsake. With our Forever Treasured Snow Globe new parents can introduce their little one to snow and create a reassuringly soothing environment in their nursery. With a stunning design populated by adorable Forever Treasured characters, it's sure to go down well with parents and babies.

The intricately designed snow globe plays a gently soothing lullaby tune that is great for helping baby to drift off to sleep at night. Coordinating with pieces from our Forever Treasured collection, it's a beautiful addition to a nursery and a brilliant gift for a new family.

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Ceramic Bunny Frame

First impressions are important and with a newborn baby that arrival is a big deal. What better way to capture that perfect moment than with a beautifully designed photo frame that can sit pride of place in their nursery. With our Ceramic Bunny Frame, there's space for baby's photo alongside an adorable bunny character.

The stunning hand painted ceramic design means it's sure to stand out in your home, with a handmade feel that's unique.

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Gift Bag & Card Set

If you're looking for the perfect gift for the arrival of a baby or a baby shower, then don't forget you'll need to wrap it. With our Forever Treasured range, you can find a beautiful keepsake and make sure it's wrapped beautifully. Our Gift Bag & Card set give you everything you need to make those all-important finishing touches. The set includes a gift bag, a greetings card and some additional tissue paper.

Enriched with our adorable and stunning Forever Treasured designs, it perfectly complements gifts from the rest of the range. What's more, everything is made from FSC materials, so they're ethically sourced and biodegradable? Is there anything better than responsible present buying?

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Bunny & Baby Soft Toy 

A soft toy makes for a perfect gift for baby. Not only is it an adorable play pal, but they can help soothe and reassure a little one when they're upset. And what better way to reassure baby than reminding them of their parent. Our

Made with super soft fabrics, they're perfectly designed for little hands to grab and cuddle, while also being soft and gentle enough for baby to interact with. They coordinating with the rest of our Forever Treasured collection, so if you're looking for a present for parent and baby, this could well be the one.

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Bunny Soft Toy

If you're looking for a present for a little one, you can't go wrong with a soft toy. Not only do they make adorable presents, but they become the child's little pal who shares their big new adventure. Our Forever Treasured Bunny Soft Toy comes in grey or pink and is the perfect companion in those early years. Made with super soft fabrics, it's incredibly soft and gentle against baby's sensitive skin, while also being perfect for little hands to grab and play with.

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Don’t be beaten by the pressure of a baby shower, or give in to gift conundrums, embrace the beauty of our Forever Treasured collection and give a new family pieces that can treasure, forever.


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