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Making the Most of Those Cravings with

By Lizzie King

Are you haunted by unnatural food desires, or has morning sickness put you off everything?
Either way, make your cravings (or lack of) work for you with these top tips from Lizzie Loves Healthy.

Pregnancy cravings are like an urban legend. And then you get pregnant and you realize how fierce they can really be! Even if you’re not trying to munch on charcoal or soil (it happens!), pretty much everyone gets incredibly urgent desires for really specific foods and nothing else will do.

You can tweak most of them so easily to make them a healthy treat for everyone rather than a wasted calorie load.

But it’s also worth checking out what you might be missing in your diet to be having these cravings – a vegetarian friend said she had crazy meat needs, and it turned out she was really low on iron, so do listen to that body of yours sometimes!

I had a real problem with the smell of cooking of any kind, so existed on bowls of cornflakes for weeks. The amazing result was that my husband became an amazing cook! He got so bored of not eating anything that he got the recipe books out and started working it all out. His first Prawn and Pea Risotto offering was just a massive surprise to come home to, and now he’s amazing at so many. So the cravings are worth it!

"Everyone gets incredibly urgent desires for really specific foods and nothing else will do"

Tastes Worth Trying

As far as the foods that you can’t seem to get enough of, some of them that you might not eat much normally are delicious and so good for you and the wee one.

Pickled foods

Like sauerkraut and cornichons do the trick for lots of people and they have amazing health properties for your gut and the immune system. Keep a stash on hand for when the urge hits you.

Salty and sweet

It can just be that you feel like stronger sensations and salt and vinegar and chocolate are often yearned for. Try using a flaked sea salt like Maldon Salt to avoid packing in too much sodium and snack on a great quality 70% chocolate that is full of antioxdants and not just loading you both up with sugar.

I’ve got some fabulous Salted Caramel recipes, a Smoothie and Millionaires squares that are packed with nutrients you need and utterly delicious!

Spicy kick

The extreme flavours are often the thing you’d drive miles for when pregnant! And a chilli or curry hit is just the ticket for some. Making a quick curry at home by adding some fresh ginger, garlic and chilli minced, to a jar of great curry paste is a happy medium of getting the kick you want and need but with hardly any hassle and with extra health benefits.

All the cake

I ate way too many brownies in my 2nd pregnancy, when I had a toddler to run after, and it became an addiction! So if you’re craving cakes and biscuits, check you’re getting enough rest, an afternoon nap is more helpful sometimes. But a sweet treat isn’t always a disaster if you choose carefully.

Enjoy the crazy cravings, but make them as delicious and fresh and full of goodness as you can! I promise, you’ll have more energy than basking in a basket of chocolate hob-knobs every evening.

Lizzie King

Creator of the epic Lizzie Loves Food, Lizzie is on a mission to bring tasty, gorgeous, healthy food to the table.
She is full of great ideas. We love her recipes and we love her even more.

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