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Madeleine Shaw: 5 Foods to Enhance Milk Production

Culinary advice to help you increase your milk supply.

By Madeleine Shaw

If you didn't know by now, we've collaborated with nutrition and yoga expert, Madeline Shaw, on a range of active loungewear. Not only that, but she's kindly agreed to impart some of her wisdom about parenting, motherhood, health and wellbeing.

So week one is for the breastfeeders as she recommends top foods to help enhance milk production.

My Top 5

I was very keen to breastfeed and whilst pregnant I started to find out what foods were good for milk production. It's amazing how good foods can help increase your milk supply.

Here are my top 5:


This can be taken as capsules or you can add Fenugreek seeds to your food.


The ultimate comfort food and perfect way to start the day – I have mine with some almond milk and berries.

Fennel tea

Start your morning with fennel tea, it is also great for both your digestion and your baby’s.


Rich in phytoestrogens to boost your supply, if you are not a fan of spinach any green leader will do!


I was addicted to this when I was pregnant, it's said to have sedative properties - the more relaxed you are the more likely your body is to produce milk.

Do these ace suggestions help you, or do you have your own top secret tips? Let us know on our Facebook and Twitter pages. We may even share the best ones...

And if you're looking for more help, don't forget to check out The M&P Guide to Breastfeeding.

Madeleine Shaw

Nutrition and yoga expert, Madeleine Shaw inspires people to live, eat and feel better.
A new mum to baby Seamus, she is taking her expertise and turning it to the world of parenting.

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