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Preparing for Christmas: The Edit

From decorations to advent calendars, we’ve got it all wrapped up.

By Mamas & Papas

From stockings and Santa sacks to baubles and Advent calendars, we’ve got all the decorations and accessories you need to start celebrating Christmas now.

As we finally begin the countdown to Christmas, at Mamas & Papas we’re not focussing on the destination. For us, Christmas is all about the journey.

From the minute you open the first door on your advent calendar to that post-Boxing Day buffet, there are lots of little moments that make this season feel so, well, Christmassy. And the more moments you embrace, the longer the season lasts.

So let’s start with those first big preparations, turning your home from a house to a prime destination for the big red guy. We’ve got lots of exciting decorations, baubles and stockings to help you prepare yourselves while creating your own traditions as you go.

Don’t wait for the big day - start celebrating Christmas now.

1. Penguin Advent Calendar

The countdown really kicks off with the advent calendar, and we’ve got the perfect one to start marking those festive moments. Our soft Penguin Advent Calendar feels lovingly homemade, with embroidered details and 24 little pockets ideal for tasty treats*.

It’s a gorgeous keepsake you’ll want to bring out every year as your little one grows. Making it a Christmas tradition that keeps on giving.

Buy our Advent Calendar now

*Sweeties sold separately… Sorry about that.

2. Letter to Santa Envelope

As your little one gets older, they’ll really be able to throw themselves into the fun and excitement of preparing for Christmas. Job number one: writing a letter to the big man himself.

Sure, Santa gets lots of letters every year, but there’s nothing wrong with doing it in style. Our Letter to Santa Envelope is the ideal way to make this fun festive tradition feel even more official. The soft felt design and embroidered touches give it a luxury feel, which will seem like it’s come direct from the North Pole. Just make sure not to post it off to Lapland too quickly – you’ll need it again next year!

Buy our Letter to Santa now

3. Santa Soft Toy

Speaking of the man himself, Christmas is definitely Santa Claus’ busy time of year. In fact, it’s hard to imagine what he spends the rest of the time doing. Part timer. Either way, with such a busy schedule your little one may not get as much one-on-one time with Saint Nick as they’d like, but thanks to our Santa Soft Toy, they can.

Our adorable cuddly toy is super soft and a perfect companion during the build up to Christmas. A great way to get little ones familiar with this jolly man before he pays a visit.

Buy our Santa Soft Toy now

4. My 1st Christmas Comforter

Is there anything else, apart from Christmas, that is counted in 'sleeps'? Because we think more things should be. It certainly makes everything seem more exciting when you know you only have a few sleeps to go. Even so, counting down to Christmas can feel like a life time, so let you little one enjoy a bit of Christmas magic early with our My 1st Christmas Comforter.

The gorgeous little friend will be a perfect companion as your little one counts down the sleeps until their first Christmas morning. Made with soft fabrics, it's perfect for cuddles and comes with a friendly bear character that doubles as a finger puppet and a soft blanket. You can even personalise your gift for that extra special touch that turns this great gift into a perfect keepsake.

Buy our My 1st Christmas Comforter now

5. My 1st Christmas Bauble

If it's baby’s first Christmas, you’ll want to shout it from the rooftops. Even if they’re a little too young to understand what’s going on, it’s still worth celebrating in style.

Our My 1st Christmas Baubles are a stunning addition to the Christmas tree and really shout about the excitement of that first festive holiday. With three designs to choose from, find the one that best suits your little one – or get all three so they can really make their mark with the decorations.

Buy our My 1st Christmas Bauble – Red now

Buy our My 1st Christmas Bauble – Pink now

Buy our My 1st Christmas Bauble – Blue now

6. Silver Star Decoration

If you’re looking for a bauble that has a little more glitz, then you can’t get better than our Silver Star Decoration.

The silver finish is sure to stand out on your tree, engraved with the phrase ‘A Sprinkle of Christmas Magic’, it really is a magical addition to your festive decorations. And what’s more, you can add an even more personal touch to it by engraving it with the name of your little one, thanks to our Personalisation Service.

Buy Silver Star Decoration Now

7. Penguin Stocking

While there’s still a little bit of time before old red shows his face, it’s never too soon to start preparing for the gifts he’ll be bringing. Whether you’re an early hanger or a late draper, we’ve got stockings for you.

Our Penguin Stocking is super soft and gorgeously designed with embroidered details, pops of gold and our adorable penguin character. It comes in two sizes, large and small, so whatever Santa brings your little one, you’ll have plenty of space for generous gifts or smaller stocking fillers.

Shop Large Penguin Stocking Now

Shop Small Penguin Stocking Now

8. Santa Stocking


Another great First Christmas accessory is our Santa Stocking. Marking this first festive occasion, the stocking comes in large and small sizes, and features a cute Santa Claus character enriched with embroidered touches.


With the Velcro hanging strap, it’s never been easier to deck the halls and hang it in time for a visit.

Buy Large Santa Stocking Now

Buy Small Santa Stocking Now

9. Santa Supersize Toy Sack

Whether you’re giving generously this year or expecting a large delivery from jolly old Saint Nick, our Supersize Toy Sack is ready to be filled.

The extra large size is perfect for all those presents, while the embroidered details, faux fur cuff and adorable Santa character make it a treasured keepsake your little one will love seeing every Christmas morning.

You can even personalise it with their name!

Buy Santa Toy Sack Now

10. Penguin Supersize Toy Sack

If Santa isn’t your style (sorry Mr. Claus) then you’ll love our soft grey Penguin Toy Sack. Supersized so it offers plenty of space for presents and treats, it’s a perfect Christmas keepsake.

Like the Santa sack, it features embroidered details, faux fur touches and a 3D character that helps bring it to life. And with the option to personalise it with your little one’s name, it’s as much a present as what’s inside!

Buy Penguin Toy Sack Now

We’ve got plenty of exciting new arrivals to get you preparing for Christmas in no time. Soon you’ll be enjoying each individual moment as they arrive.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of our Christmas range!

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