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Always Love You: Our New Gift Collection

Taking a look at our new range of soft toys and keepsakes

By Mamas & Papas


Finding the perfect friend for your little one is one of the toughest jobs, but with our Always Love You range, not only do we have cuddly toys of all shapes, sizes and characters, but a collection of co-ordinating gifts for every occasion.

Friends. We all need them. And when we’re little we need them more than ever. It’s a big, wide world out there and we all need a little company. That’s why we created our Always Love You range of soft toys, playful characters your little one could fall in love with and keep by their side for every adventure.

Another beauty of having a first friend is that they’re there for every important moment. Birthdays, Christenings, first steps – when you look back on childhood photos, you can still see those familiar friendly faces smiling back. So, we thought it would be nice to create a range of gifts that reflect that fledgling first friendship.

Our Always Love You gift range is not only full of cuddly friends, but a collection of toys, gifts, keepsakes, hampers and more – perfect for celebrating every milestone. If you’re a friend, family or grandparents looking for that perfect present, then we have the ideal companions.

Meet the friends | Our Always Love You Characters

All our Always Love You cuddly toys are made with a variety of super soft fabrics, so they’re ideal for cuddles. Look out for the return label too – perfect for making sure your little one’s little friend is never that far away.

Let’s meet the friends…

Tally Bear Soft Toy

Is there a more traditional friend than the teddy bear? Our Tally Bear is the Always Love You take on a children’s classic. The adorable design is sure to be popular with little ones, and the two of them with have so much fun together, getting up to mischief. Choose from the standard Tally Soft Toy or the smaller b>Tally Beanie, perfect for taking with them on trips out.

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Ellery Elephant Soft Toy

An elephant never forgets, and with a friend like Ellery, children won’t forget them any time soon either. They’ll want to keep our Ellery elephant with them at all times – and with a range of sizes to choose from, you can stick with the traditional soft toy, go small with the Beanie Toy or Comforter – or if you really want to make an impression, Ellery is our only Always Love You toy that comes in a giant version. They might struggle in fit in the pushchair though…


Buy the Ellery Soft Toy now

Buy the Ellery Giant Soft Toy now

Buy the Ellery Beanie Toy now

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Bella Doll

If you know a child that likes to see a bit of themselves in their friend, then our Bella Doll might be the one for them. The little girl rag doll character comes with a cute little outfit and gorgeous plaited hair – so she’s already dressed for every occasion. Available as a Soft Toy and an Activity Toy full of great interactive features.

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Piper Puppy

They say that dogs are man’s best friend, well our Piper Puppy is a baby’s best friend for sure. The adorable doggy design is super soft and cuddly and is available as a Standard Soft Toy your little one will want to take with them everywhere. A best friend indeed.


Buy the Piper Puppy Soft Toy now


A little chick for your little chick, our Chickadee Chime Toy is the perfect little companion on trips out. It comes with a handy C-ring that can be attached to a pushchair, car seat or highchair so they don’t go missing – and it even doubles as a teether, perfect for soothing sore gums. With a hidden chime noise, they’ll love playing with Chickadee over and over.

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Another feathered friend is Owlbie. Although, they’re a friend with a difference. Owlbie the Night-time Owl is the perfect companion for bedtime. With 2 internal melodies, 2 additional nature sounds and a glowing tummy, Owlbie is a reassuring present at night, perfect if little one likes a bit of company. Made with super soft fabric, Owlbie is still great for cuddles but the sounds and display, not to mention the volume and timer settings, maker it a great alternative to a nightlight.

Buy Owlbie the Night-time Owl now

Gifts for Every Moment | Books, frames, gift hampers & more

If you’re looking for a gift for a new family, then our Always Love You range has something for every occasion. Gifts that are great for playtime and bedtime as well as treasured keepsakes that will be loved for years.

Bedtime Stories

One of the most important times to bond with a little one is over a book at bedtime, so we’ve created a range of books to suit children whatever age they are. Our Always Love You Children’s Book is the ideal bedtime story for young children, telling the tale of how our Always Love You characters met their new friend, it’s a heart-warming tale and a perfect companion when cuddling one of our soft toys. And for young babies our Cuddle Book and Comforter is just the thing. Super soft so it won’t harm baby, the book and accompanying Chickadee comforter are ideal for cuddling up with.

Buy the Children’s Book now

Buy the Cuddle Book & Comforter now

Playtime Accessories

The little one has the perfect playtime companion, but what about other types of play? Well, we’ve got that covered too. Our Always Love You Playmat is a great way to get them playing independently. Lie them down on the soft padded base and let them reach for the fun hanging toys, variety of textures and hidden features. And the additional Ellery Elephant cushion is perfect for Tummy Time. Alternatively, our Tummy Time Roll is a great accessory perfect for helping baby develop.

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Travel Accessories

Life with a little one never stands still, and now baby can bring some of the playtime with them. Our Bella Doll Charm Toy comes with two attachment rings so it can be secured to their pushchair or car seat for interactive fun on the go. Full of great features, they will love playing with them while mum or dad go about their business. And to make sure the precious cargo is safe while in the car, our Always Love You Baby on Board Sign will make sure other drivers know they’re there.

Buy the Baby on Board Sign now

Buy the Bella Doll Charm Toy now

Treasured Memories

A baby’s first year is full of first moments, so it’s important to capture as many as possible, and photos are always a great way to do that. Bringing the Always Love You designs to this range of keepsakes, our 1st Year Frame is ideal for charting each month of baby’s first year, while the Double Scan Frame is perfect for capturing those first fleeting images of baby, before they even arrive. And with a Print Kit and Imprint Tin, there are lots of ways to immortalise those early memories.


Buy the Imprint Tin now

Buy the Double Scan Frame now

Buy the Print Kit now

Buy the 1st Year Frame now


It’s also important to capture those first big milestones, from the first steps to the first word. Our Always Love You Record Cards are a great way to capture the moments as they happen. Snap the little one with the corresponding card, then print out the image and tuck it into the handy pocket to keep the card and memory together. If you’re looking for something a little more substantial – our Record Book is perfect for making notes on every moment, from finding out mum and dad are expecting to baby at 18th months old. Full of beautifully illustrated pages, it makes a stunning keepsake.

Buy the Record Cards now

But the Record Book now

Nursery Accessories

Complete the little one’s nursery with these Always Love You accessories, and create the perfect, reassuring environment for sleep and play. Our Ellery Elephant Nightlight is a gorgeous ceramic design that will look stunning in the nursery, with a gentle glowing little to keep baby company at night. In a similar vein, our Money Box showcases both Ellery and Chickadee in a stunning ceramic piece which can be used to save up for special occasions. Finally, a traditional fixture in most nurseries, our Always Love You Snow Globe features our adorable characters as well as a light up function, and it even plays a melody which could soothe little ones at bedtime. And with the option of personalising the Snow Globe, you can turn this present into the perfect keep sake.


Buy the Money Box now

Buy the Nightlight now

Buy the Snow Globe now

Gift Hampers

If you’re looking for the complete gift, then have you considered a hamper? We’ve got two exclusive Always Love You gift hampers to choose from, both presented in a stunning vintage-style suitcase. The Sleep Time Suitcase has everything little ones need for a cosy night’s sleep, with a long-sleeved vest, a Piper Puppy Comforter and a Story Book. The My 1st Memory Suitcase is full of treasured keepsakes to mark important moments, with an Imprint Tin, Record Cards, a Tally Bear Beanie and an Ellery Comforter.

Buy the Sleep Time Suitcase now

Buy the My 1st Memories Suitcase now

Gift Stationery

Finally, the last thing you need is a finishing touch that ties it all together. Look no further than our Always Love You New Baby Card and Gift Bag. Made with eco-friendly materials, they’re a responsible way to guarantee everything is wrapped up nicely!

Buy the New Baby Card now

Buy the Gift Bag now

Whether you’re treating yourself, your little one or a loved one, our Always Love You range is full of brilliant gift inspiration – with playful pals that are sure to keep your little ones company for years, and keepsakes that will be treasured forever.


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