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Personalising Your Christmas Gifts

Adding a personal touch to your presents

By Mamas & Papas

No matter what you’re trying to say with your Christmas gifts, a personalised gift says it best. Here, we explain our new Personalisation service…

There’s no way to ignore it anymore, you can’t hide behind Halloween or Bonfire night – Christmas is coming.

  While Christmas is always a cause for celebration, it’s not long before your thoughts turn to finding that perfect present for your loved ones. Now, unless you’re one of those strangely organised people who stockpile festive presents back in April, that’s a lot of gifts to buy in a relatively short space of time. How do you find one that stand out from the crowd?

  The answer is simple: you personalise it.

Adding that personal touch


Our new Personalisation service is the perfect way to take a present, and add something extra. With a variety of gifts to choose from, you can create something worth treasuring forever.  

Available online and in store, personalising gifts has never been easier. Simply look out for the items that offer our Personalisation service, select them and the name you want to include, then add it to your basket. From there, we’ll do the rest.

We take your chosen item and send it all the way to the North Pole (via our Head Office) for our happy little elves to work their magic. They will add the name of your choice to your purchase before sprinkling it with elf dust and sending it back in time for the big day.

For just £5, we’ll personalise a gift of your choice and send it back to absolutely free.

So, if you’re looking for that perfect present then we can help - make it special, make it personal. Just another example of Giftful Thinking from Mamas & Papas.

Feeling inspired? Check out our full Personalisation range.

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