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Samantha Gibb's Nursery Cotbed & Bedding Review

Samantha Gibb's Nursery Cotbed & Bedding Review

A cot is the first proper bed your child will enjoy, it's where those all-important silent nights start - if you're lucky. So finding a good quality cot bed is important, as is the right, super soft bedding. Find out how Parent Approved Panellist, Samantha got on with her search. Reach her cot bed and bedding review now...

Our Cot Bed & Bedding Review

Hello there! We’re back again to review the absolute showstopper of a cot bed from Mamas and Papas’ Oxford Nursery Furniture Collection.

The Cot Bed Review

With Gabriel now at an age where he’s ready to start sleeping in his own room, we wanted a cot that would give him the best quality sleep. We also wanted longevity out of such a standout piece of furniture. So, in our minds, it had to switch to a bed for his toddler years which the Oxford Cot Bed does.

I do appreciate that budget plays a major factor in most people’s minds when choosing a cot for their baby and yes, the Oxford Cot Bed does come at a higher price but for good reason. It’s the most solid built cot I’ve ever seen in the marketplace. It gives you peace of mind when your baby is sleeping at night. For that reason, it also means it will be long-lasting which is a big point to consider if you’re thinking of extending your family in years to come.

The other added features include two height positions. The higher setting is designed for when your baby is little. The second lower setting is for when they’re able to climb up and you need depth in the cot to prevent your little one from climbing out.

When storage space is a priority, the base drawer is a saviour. It’s ideal for bedding and blankets and with a soft close finish to avoid you disturbing your sleeping baby, Mamas and Papas really have the welcomed detail covered off!

It took my Mum and I a couple of hours to put together (we did get a few bits wrong along the way so please pay attention!) We were really impressed with how well organised the instruction manual and screw kit were. It’s definitely a two-person job though! I also liked that there are only two small planks of wood to keep stored for when it transitions to a bed. I’ve managed to place them under the chest of drawers in our nursery. Aside from all of the added benefits, and purely from an aesthetic point of view, this cot bed looks insanely beautiful!

The Mattress Review

We were kindly gifted one of the Pocket Spring Mattresses from Mamas and Papas Essentials range. And I have been really impressed by it. I’m not sure if it’s a strange coincidence but Gabriel has just started sleeping through the night and I definitely owe part of this success to his new bed and mattress. With the Oxford Cot Bed being slightly larger than some of the cots out there, it’s great that M&P have a range of mattresses to fit their range. It makes life A LOT easier when kitting out the nursery with all of those essential items.

The Bedding Review

We chose the Dream Upon a Cloud bedding to accompany our new cot bed. I’m so pleased with it all. The collection features embroidery detail in contemporary colours across its cotton sheets, quilt and 2.5 tog sleeping bag (ideal for the winter months). I highly recommend the sleeping bag for babies under the age of one year. It ensures they’re kept warm at night without the worry of blankets coming loose.

Overall, I’m so happy! The cot bed is everything I had hoped it would be. The investment is worthwhile if you’re considering options across cot beds which will last at least four years. I do recommend going into your local M&P store to see and feel their cot bed range in person. I know I did as it’s such a big decision to make. The staff are extremely friendly and knowledgeable without giving the pressure of making a purchase. Go look for yourselves as you won’t be disappointed!

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