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Katerina Finnie's Weaning Essentials

Katerina Finnie's Weaning Essentials

Weaning is such an exciting time for both parent and baby. The only difference is we have to clean up after baby has mushed food, into their clothing, into their hair and all over their face. Hopefully Katerina Finnie's Weaning Essentials will also become your meal time saviours.

Starting the Baby Weaning Journey 

We have recently embarked onto a baby weaning journey with our six month old son and it’s been exciting. If you’re at the same stage of your baby’s life, you understand how stressful this phase can be. For us, things have been less stressful thanks to a few Mamas & Papas products.

Snax High Chair's Fantastic Features

The Snax high chair is fantastic and it’s fully wipe able. The back rest is also adjustable and it’s got a removable tray. The Baby Bud is an invaluable travel must-have. It’s basically a little booster seat with straps that attach to any chair. One of it's best features is the non slip feet for zero movement. It also has a harness for extra safety and soft insert for comfort.
Katerina Finnie's Weaning Essentials


Highchair On The Go

I don’t know about you, but I’m a bit paranoid letting my child use a restaurant high chair. They have undoubtedly been used by hundreds of others and probably not cleaned very often. The Baby Bud has its own little tray that can clip on and lock. You can also purchase a play tray that attaches onto the main tray. This feature is heaven-sent as it allows you to finish your meal in peace while your baby plays away next to you. It's ideal for baby led weaning and we are definitely taking the Baby Bud with us on holiday.


Katerina Finnie's Weaning Essentials   

Don't Forget The Baby Bibs

Lastly, we have been using an assortment of bibs. We are loving the ones with big pockets that catch extra bits of food and water. The designs are super cute, making it more fun for our little one. Overall I’m over the moon with these weaning and feeding products as they have made our journey so much easier and so much fun.


Katerina Finnie's Weaning Essentials

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