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Joolz: Putting sustainability at the heart of its brand

Joolz: Putting sustainability at the heart of its brand

Baby stroller brand Joolz are reaching huge milestones when it comes to its promise to put families – and the planet – first. With 380,000 trees planted via its Birth Forest initiative, a 10-year transferable warranty and a plastic bottle recycling scheme, the brand are on a real mission to champion sustainability.

Every step (and stroll) counts in protecting our planet for the next generation

Empowering the next generation of parents to create a better world for their children, Joolz have succeeded in planting over 100,000 trees in 2022, and recycling 2.5 million plastic bottles to be used in fabric for their strollers. The team over at Joolz are not afraid of getting stuck in either, dedicating a whopping 160 hours of volunteering time last year.

Joolz’s Birth Forest initiative grew from a partnership from Tree Nation, with a plan to put more life back into the planet every time a pushchair is sold. With the aim of fighting climate change, deforestation and poverty, the Birth Forest initiative has offset its CO2 emissions by 23,000 tonnes. This means that when parents buy a Joolz pushchair, they can be safe in the knowledge that they’re doing their bit for the planet, with a new life growing on the same journey as their little one.

It's not just giving back to the planet that Joolz are focussing on. The brand is also dedicated to using thoughtful materials throughout their design process. This includes using recyclable packaging and sustainable fabrics. Using plastic bottles to create quality fabrics, waste is given a new lease of life. Bottles are melted down and then spun into a hardwearing yarn that is used across the Joolz range, most notably in the new Joolz Aer+, which uses 77 recycled bottles per pushchair.

The eco-friendly brand also offers a unique 10-year transferrable warranty, meaning Joolz pushchairs can be passed on to new families. And because their pushchairs are built so well, they’ll last a lifetime.

The hard work doesn’t stop there. To help support communities worldwide, Joolz employees are given time off to volunteer, making sure staff are dedicating time to making a difference for the next generation of children.

With even more initiatives planned for the future, everything that Joolz have done over the last year demonstrates just how dedicated they are when it comes to making an impact – for parents, for the planet and for the children of tomorrow.

More About Joolz

Joolz is a premium Dutch stroller brand, committed to putting the new generation of parents in control. Parents who are determined to create a more beautiful world for their children and themselves.

They help with products and services designed for real life, so that parents feel comfortable and balanced. Their 10-Year Transferable Warranty guarantees that their strollers are made to last and that generations of parents and children can enjoy them.

Joolz was founded in 2007 and has grown into a group of professionals, mostly parents, who work from their sustainable headquarters in Amsterdam. Joolz strollers are available in more than 50 countries in Europe, Asia, Australia and the United States. And for every stroller they sell, they plant a tree in the Joolz Birth Forest – their contribution for the generations to come.


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