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Chloe & David Shields Clothing Review

Chloe & David Shields Clothing Review

When shopping for outfits for your little one it always comes down to style. It's always reassuring to know that each piece of baby clothing is made with super soft fabrics that are gentle against your little one's skin, whilst offering a variety of patterns, prints and colour palettes to suit every occasion. We asked our Parent Approved Panellists, Chloe and David, their thoughts on Mamas & Papas clothing. Read their review below.

Chloe & David Shields Clothing Review


"Baby Clothing holds so much more meaning"


Before having children I totally underestimated how special baby clothing can be, you have;

  • A coming home outfit
  • Their first soft sleepsuits
  • The leggings they start crawling in
  • A Christmas dress
  • Their first birthday outfit

I could go on. When expecting my second baby I got my husband to go up to the attic and bring down our stored away baby clothes. I was not ready for the emotions that hit me. Baby clothing holds so much more meaning that I think people expect so it's important to find the right place to purchase. 

Mamas & Papas were first introduced to us by a friend when I had my little boy. I was blown away by the quality, patterns, fit and the colour palettes they offered for baby boy clothes, baby girl clothes and their unisex clothing lines. I'm so happy to say this hasn't changed since having my baby girl, if anything they have just improved.


Chloe & David Shields Clothing Review


One main aspects that I appreciate is the variety of clothing they have. I never expected to be so picky with how I dress my children but I am. I adore dressing my baby girl in neutral clothing and earthy colours. Whereas my friend loves dressing her baby girl in florals and dresses, but we are both able to find clothing we love in Mamas & Papas. 

"The clothes are amazing quality and comfortable"

The items of clothing I have chosen for Elia are beautifully made. The fabric is breathable and each piece has little details which make them so special. The colours stand out but are so versatile and you can easily mix and match pieces. This is something I always appreciate as we all have days where multiple changes are needed! Even though the clothes are amazing quality and comfortable the fashion aspect is not sacrificed. You're always able to spot Mamas and Papas clothing and my children always get complimented when wearing their outfits.


 Chloe & David Shields Clothing Review

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