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Trade in anytime

Selling your no longer needed pushchair is a hassle and a half, so we're making it simple with our new trade in service. So whether you're ready to upgrade your pushchair or your little one has outgrown it altogether, bring it in store any time and swap it for up to £140 in Mamas & Papas gift cards*.

Why trade in?

  • Pass It On

    Pass It On

    You can feel good knowing that your no longer needed pushchair won't spend a lifetime in the attic or landfill. We'll recondition it ready for another family or if we can't, we'll recycle it responsibly.

  • Haggle & Hassle Free

    Haggle & Hassle Free

    A guaranteed price and instant gift cards means you don't have to waste precious hours posting online, so you can spend time on what really matters. 98% of customers would recommend it to a friend!

  • Growing With You

    Growing With You

    When its time to change your pushchair or car seat to suit your growing baby or toddler, our in store specialists are here to help with testing new models, and expert advice.

Get up to £140 back in Mamas & Papas gift cards*

Trade in is quick, easy and we won't haggle with you. Enjoy up to £140 in Mamas & Papas gift cards* to spend on what you really need, while we recondition your pushchair and get it ready for a brand new family.

  • Pushchair trade in value

    • £100
    • Urbo2
    • Flip XT
    • Flip XT2
    • Ocarro
    • £75
    • Sola2
    • Sola2 MTX
    • £50
    • Armadillo City
    • Armadillo City2
    • Armadillo
    • Armadillo XT
    • Armadillo Sport
  • Carrycot trade in value

    • £40
    • Urbo2
    • Flip XT2
    • Ocarro
    • £25
    • Sola2 MTX

How it works

  • Pushchair

    Find your no longer needed pushchair

  • Store

    Pop in store any time to trade in

  • Gift Card

    Receive a Mamas & Papas gift card*

Read the full terms and conditions

The following Mamas & Papas pushchairs and respective carrycots are eligible for trade in: Armadillo City, Armadillo City2, Armadillo, Armadillo XT, Flip XT, Flip XT2, Armadillo Sport, Ocarro, Sola2 (lot code from 01113 onwards), Sola2 MTX, Urbo2 (lot code from 00613 onwards). The lot number can be found on the rear of the pushchair leg. For further information about how to find your lot code and which version model you have, please see below.

*Gift cards are valid for 12 months and can be transferred to another customer. **Carrycots can only be traded in with a pushchair. We cannot accept carrycots on their own. Your carrycot must include hood and apron fabrics. Your pushchair must include its hood, seat fabrics, seat unit, frame, basket and all wheels. No other models can be accepted.

Unsure about which pushchair version you have?

Check out our helpful guide below.

Armadillo City

  • Brand badge on the edge of the hood
  • Rubber footwell
  • No Ventilation panel on the back of the hood
  • Peek-a-boo window

Armadillo City2

  • Brand badge name on the side of the shopping basket
  • Fabric footwell
  • Ventilation panel on back of the hood
  • No peek-a-boo window

Flip XT

  • No bumper bar included
  • Green touch points on handle and back seat lever
  • No silver tubing around the edge of the footrest

Flip XT2

  • Bumper bar included
  • Silver tubing around the edge of the footrest
  • Grey touch points on handle and back seat lever


  • Tether strap included
  • New Mamas & Papas logo
  • Black plastic parts on the folding hinge
  • New three spoke wheels
  • Lot code from 01113 onwards

Sola MTX

  • Pneumatic air filled tyres


  • Tether strap included
  • Black plastic parts on the folding hinge
  • Black plastic parts on the front castor
  • New Mamas & Papas logo
  • Lot code from 00613 onwards

Don't just take our word for it

"Quick, easy and really good way of recycling and upgrading"

Rupa, Birmingham

"Quick, easy and overall value for money"

Veronica, Birmingham

"Quick, no hassle of selling, generous vouchers"

Joanne, Sheffield

"It was so easy and great value for money"

Heather, Northern Ireland