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Our complaints process

We do what we can to make sure you’re happy with your purchases and the customer service you receive from us. But if something’s wrong, we want to hear about it. That way we can try even harder to put it right.

We have a process in place for handling your complaints and making sure you’re listened to. You can find it below:

1. Contact us

If you have a concern pop into one of our stores and speak to a manager, or contact our Customer Service team as soon as you can. Contact Us

2. Manager review and call back

Hopefully you’ll be happy with the help you received, if not speak to our Customer Service team and we’ll have a manager review your complaint and ring you back within 24 hours. Contact Us

3. Taking it further

If you’re still not satisfied, you can take your complaint directly to the Head of Customer Service. We request a written complaint via email or post. The Head of Customer Service will respond within 24 hours of receipt of your complaint to provide either an update or an estimated time for investigating your complaint and providing a resolution.

Email us:

[email protected]

Write to us at:

Head of Customer Service
Mamas & Papas
Colne Bridge Road

Alternative complaints process

After following our internal complaints process above, if you still feel we haven’t resolved your complaint then you can access the Online Dispute Resolution platform by clicking here.